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Causes and treatment methods of mortar spraying machine blockage


    Causes and treatment methods of mortar spraying machine blockage

    Update Time:2020/5/15
    In the mortar transportation and spraying process, the mortar will block the pipe due to various reasons. The mortar spraying machine is a special coating equipment using spraying technology. The principle is to control the air flow to instantly push the air reversing device to change direction, so that the piston of the air motor can make stable and continuous reciprocating motion.
    Generally caused by the following reasons, the pipe blockage generally occurs in the early stage of use. For the first use of each day, the pipe must be lubricated with water, and a bucket of cement (material: powdered hydraulic inorganic cemented material) slurry is used to bring the material to life before starting. Spray normally. The mortar stays in the pipeline for too long and causes pipe blockage. The main reason is that the long-term pause causes the mortar to set up, resulting in reduced flow and pipe blockage. Generally, the machine is shut down for about 30 minutes to start the machine for 5 to 10 seconds to let the mortar flow Just fine.
    The pipe blocking phenomenon caused by too high pressure during spraying, the conveying distance is too far during spraying, the height is too high, the pressure is too high, and the other is the blocking of the foreign body in the spray gun mouth, which causes the pressure in the mortar tube to rise, causing water bleeding at the interface Phenomenon, leading to the phenomenon of pipe plugging, which is generally a precursor to the phenomenon. During the spraying process, the flow rate (unit: cubic meters per second) is significantly minimized, and the working pressure gradually increases. Timely shutdown, the early stage of pipe blocking is generally cleaned at the discharge port and the takeover. If the pipeline is seriously blocked due to timely shutdown, it can only be eliminated by cleaning the pipe with water. Select the appropriate hose to flush from the bottom right.

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