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Crawler Excavator

Crawler Excavator

A crawler excavator is an earthmoving machine that can dig trenches, load trucks, lift pipe, and handle attachments, such as hydraulic breakers, shears, and grapples. These machines range in size from the "mini" that fits through a back-yard gate. Saintyol DAWIN mini dredge shovel is a real tailless excavator,uses perkins/yanmar engine;husco valve; futai-three pump hydraulic system; eatom motors; boom sway and expanding tracks;all these make Saintyol DAWIN crawler excavators wonderful excavators!

Main Features:

1. New appearance: Moulded cover stamping, beautiful and classy new appearance

2. Cooling unit: Install hydraulic oil radiator, respirator, powerful cooling fan, etc to relieve the high temperature phenomenon, the machinery can continue to work

3. Enhanced frame (chassis and platform): The frame is widened and thickened, a few centimeters thicker than the old model. The whole vehicle is stable and powerful.

4. Chassis and platform: Widened & thickened, stable & powerful Chassis and platform

5. Counterweight: Solid cast iron counterweight, higher stability, Reinforced forearm design improves structure, disperses stress, improves structure stability and durability

6. Reinforced Boom & Arm: To improve the stability and durability

7. Hydraulic cylinder: Guard plate & bottom protection device & pipeline hidden design, to prevent the parts of the scratch and damage

8. Reinforced & durable Rubber tracks

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