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Concrete Spraying Machines

Concrete Spraying Machines

Saintyol DAWIN wet concrete shotcrete pump or say spraying machine are manufacturing 3 models: DSPJ08 diesel or electric power small output 8m3/hr volume model, QKSP-20 and QZHP-3016B Truck mounted robot shotcrete pump in 20m3/hr and 30m3/hr output capability, reach 16m spraying height, and truck chassis model QHP30A robot shotcrete truck with 30m3/hr output capability.

wet shotcrete machine use hydraulic pumping S valve structure, two oil cylinders Reciprocationg alternately to pump concrete from conveying pipe to nozzle. Add compress air to wet shotcrete machine outlet and aad a percentage of the accelerator at nozzle, concrete slurry be sprayed to surface directly. 

Wet concrete shotcrete pump output can be adjusted continuously, main oil pump is variable displacement plunger pump, spraying volume could be adjusted freely. Accelerating adding quantity could be adjusted continuously: according to spraying volume adjust step-less. Saintyol DAWIN Equipment self-lubrication system for the wet shotcrete machine to automatic lubrication for main sealing parts, thus could lengthen wearing parts working life greatly

Saintyol DAWIN wet concrete spraying machines used for wet concrete spraying in mining, tunnel, culvert, metro, hydropower engineering, underground construction, slope protection etc. or for filling, grouting pump concrete mortar etc.

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