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What should you pay attention to when using a new concrete pump truck?

What should you pay attention to when using a new concrete pump truck?

Feb 29,2020
What should you pay attention to when using a new concrete pump truck?
concrete placing boom pump truck
Concrete pump trucks are widely used in modern construction. Although this truck has the appearance of an ordinary truck, it has a boom that can be telescopically moved on the base, which can transport the concrete used for building construction to the designated place for construction.
 With the hot construction industry, more and more truck drivers began to drive concrete pump trucks. Due to the large differences in performance, even old drivers who have been driving for several years and more than ten years are still a "little white" when driving concrete pump trucks. What should be paid attention to during the running-in period of the new car?

Attention to these characteristics of the new pump truck
boom concrete pump truck upper parts
1. Loose phenomenon

Newly assembled components have deviations in geometry and fit dimensions. At the beginning of use, they are easily affected by alternating loads such as shocks and vibrations, as well as heat and deformation, and excessive wear. The originally tightened parts become loose.
customzied concrete boom pump truck upper parts
 2. Leakage

Due to the looseness of the parts, vibration and heat of the machine, the sealing surface of the machine and the joints of the machine will leak. Under the action of vibration and shock during actual operation, this phenomenon of oil leakage (water leakage) is exposed.
so many concrete boom pump trucks in china
3.Fast wear speed

Due to factors such as the processing, assembly and adjustment of the new parts of the pump truck, the friction surface is rough, the contact area of ​​the mating surface is small, and the pressure condition on the surface is uneven. During the operation of the pump truck, the concave and convex portions on the surface of the parts are fitted and rubbed with each other, and the metal debris that has been ground down participates in friction again, which accelerates the wear of the mating surface of the parts. At this time, if the work is overloaded, it may cause damage to components and cause early failure.
concrete placing boom concrete pump truck

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