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Main Working Principle of Mobile Hydraulic Spreader Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom

Main Working Principle of Mobile Hydraulic Spreader Hydraulic Concrete Placing Boom

Mar 24,2020
As a terminal equipment for pumping concrete, the mobile hydraulic distributor concrete placing boom is used to send the pumped concrete through the pipeline to the formwork of the component to be poured. The Saintyol DAWIN Machinery hydraulic spreader placing boom does not need to be fixed when in use, and can be flexibly placed according to the needs of the construction site. The design of the mobile spreader is reasonable, the structure is stable and reliable, and the whole machine can be hoisted and transported with light weight. It adopts 360 ° full swing boom type cloth structure, which is easy to operate and flexible to rotate. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, economy and practicality. It has played a heavy role in improving construction efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
15m cordless remote control spider concrete placing boom
(1) The concrete of the self loading mixer truck of Saintyol DAWIN Machinery is transported by the Self Loading concrete mixer truck to the unloading platform outside the opening line of the excavation slope at the upper part of the pipe body, unloaded into the hopper at the end of the spreader, and then transports the concrete through the belt conveyor system The material is sent to the upper part of the pouring bin number, and the concrete hydraulic distributor is manually controlled by using the control baffle on the belt conveyor to convey the concrete to the required parts through the various troughs and drums;
spider mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom shipped to Philippines
(2) In addition to conveying concrete into the warehouse, the hydraulic concrete placing boom distributor can also use electric hoists installed on the frame of the Concrete Pump Distributor to install and remove large formwork, hoist and transfer materials such as steel bars and steel pipes.
concrete distributor concrete placing boom end finisher
(3) The moving system of the cloth spreader is used to solve the movement of the mobile hydraulic concrete placing boom spreader along the axis of the pipe body section. The walking system mainly uses the driving wheel and the driven wheel installed on the walking frame, and the driving mainly depends on the walking motor and the placing boom installed on the walking frame. The machine walks on the tracks installed on both sides of the pipe section;
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