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Saintyol DAWIN Machinery Mini Class Mobile Concrete Mixing Pump

Saintyol DAWIN Machinery Mini Class Mobile Concrete Mixing Pump

Mar 30,2020
concrete pump with self loading mixer china factory

The towing concrete mixing pump is a small concrete conveying pump that integrates loading, mixing, and high-pressure pumping with a fully automated construction operating system. The pump is simple to operate, stable in performance and easy to move.

In large buildings, bridges and tunnels, concrete pumps are commonly used. Stirring pump is a concrete pump specifically designed for small civil buildings. It has a very high degree of automation. It integrates feeding, mixing and high pressure pumping, which can save a lot of labor costs; simple operation and stable performance; using Changsha group force Mechanical hydraulic pumping system. South Korea and Japan Kawasaki Heavy Industries, German hydraulic valve, Siemens control, French Schneider Electric, reliable product quality, extremely low failure rate, but also improve the overall reliability of the machine, to ensure that the agitator pump works flawlessly under harsh conditions.
concrete mixing pump mixing drum tank
concrete pump mixer lifting hopper
concrete mixer pump diesel engine
concrete mixing pump loading hopper
Concrete mixing pumps have a wide range of applications. Concrete mixer pumps can be used for the transportation of concrete for engineering construction, the transportation of green soil, the grouting of foundation piles, and the transportation of silt. High-performance structural system configuration of the mixing equipment: ensure that pumping strives for zero failures and adopts advanced S-valve commutation, which can meet the transportation of concrete, and the use of hard alloy materials for the spectacle plate and cutting ring, which has a longer life; high outlet pressure can meet High-rise buildings and long-distance transportation; hydraulic cooling adopts good water cooling effect and easy to use; it has a reverse pump function to minimize pipeline blockage; it is equipped with a manual lubrication system to ensure the service life of the transmission, and the electric control cabinet is equipped with remote control by wire. Advantages of agitator pumps: The use efficiency can reach 4-6 times that of traditional fixed mixers and concrete pumps. As we all know, the concrete pouring construction has an interval period. The construction interval between the two floors is 7-10 days. After the pouring concrete solidifies, after the maintenance is qualified, the strength is reached before the next step of reinforcing steel bars and supporting formwork. Traditional stationary mixers and concrete pumps can only be stopped during this period. Operators must either rest or do other work. This is because the traditional stationary mixers and concrete pumps have higher displacement costs and longer time for displacement. Long, the operator can only rest during this period. So the agitator pump saves time and money. Agitating tow pumps combine traditional mixers and concrete pumps together and weld them to a frame with wheel axles, which can be quickly constructed by a small truck or small loader in several construction sites or multiple constructions on the same construction site. Rapid movement between points, maximum compression interval time; short-distance takeover, compression tube deployment time, agitator pump operation, saving labor costs, compression operators to achieve the purpose of daily use, professional operators It is also conducive to equipment maintenance and correct use. The Changsha Tuanli mechanical pumping power of 30KW, mixing power of 10KW, outlet pressure of 8 MPa, suitable for 1-18 storey buildings, when the rural power supply is insufficient, a diesel generator can be equipped. The potential application market is large.
Hot selling in Africa concrete mixing pump concrete mixer with pump
Advantages of concrete mixing pump:

1. Perfect combination of mixing and pumping, saving rack weight and transportation space;

2. The small concrete conveying pump carries a mixer, which is convenient for haulage in rural areas and has high work efficiency;

3. Save labor costs and reduce labor intensity;

4, smaller power, taking into account the carrying capacity of the rural power grid;

5, simple operation, easy to use, use the remote control to operate the stirring pump, save trouble and worry;

6. The double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system can be used to transport conventional large aggregate or crushed concrete, with stable performance, safety and reliability.
concrete mixer with pump fitting container process

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