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Saintyol DAWIN Machinery tells you the safe operating rules of hydraulic concrete wet spraying machine

Saintyol DAWIN Machinery tells you the safe operating rules of hydraulic concrete wet spraying machine

Apr 1,2020
How to operate a hydraulic concrete wet spray machine? What are the precautions for safe operation of hydraulic concrete wet sprayer? The Saintyol DAWIN Machinery wet spray machine manufacturer introduces the safe operating rules of hydraulic concrete wet spray machine. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to operate the wet spray machine.

1, check the amount of grease in the wet spray cabinet, add it in time, fill the joint of the switching cylinder with butter with a grease gun, turn on the machine, and check whether the motor rotation direction is consistent with the oil pump logo rotation direction. A two-phase power supply for the main power supply is sufficient. Open the water tank cover, fill the water tank with fresh water or at least submerge the piston rod. Waterless movement will quickly damage the shaft seal and the concrete cylinder piston.

2. Fill the wet blaster hopper with 1: 1 cement and water mixed mud or clear water, pump the lubricating conveying pipeline, before adding normal materials, open the discharge port, and discharge the remaining clear water or mud in the hopper. Air valve, add the normal material and start spraying.

3. After the spraying operation of the wet sprayer is completed, the hopper is filled with fresh water, the pipeline and the residual mortar in the hopper are cleaned, the conveying pipeline is removed, the sprinkler is manually rinsed with clean water, and blown dry.

4. Check whether the conveying pipe and the mixed-flow pipe are cleaned up. After blowing clean, put them into the discharge port, suck the pump back, suck it out by the positive pump, and clean the inside of the S pipe.
Fifth, the cleaning of the additive pump and the additive tube, first of all, the suction tube is inserted into clean water, rinsed with water, after the clean water is released, the air supply valve is opened, and it is used after being cleaned.

6. After cleaning the wet spray machine, shut it down.
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7. pay attention to the following points when spraying the hydraulic concrete wet spray machine:

1. Start the wet sprayer for dry running. If the air temperature is low, the dry running time should be longer, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil must be raised to 15 degrees Celsius before it can be pumped.

2. During the shot blasting process, pay attention to the actual mixing quality and slump of the concrete. If the mixed concrete does not meet the pumping requirements, it must be removed.

3. The hopper network should not be filled with concrete, and the ultra-granular aggregates and debris on the network should be removed in time. The concrete in the hopper should not be too small to prevent the pipeline from being blocked due to suction. When the supply cannot keep up Stop in time.

4. When the spraying operation must be interrupted for a long time, the mixing work in the hopper should be stopped, otherwise the coarse aggregate in the concrete will sink. When pumping again, it should be stirred first, and two operations must be performed in forward and reverse pump operations. It can only return to normal after the trip.

5. During the spraying process, the pressure and lubrication of various instruments on the wet sprayer should be frequently observed. If any abnormality occurs, it should be eliminated in time to ensure the normal spraying.

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