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Talk about how the self-loading mixer weighing

Talk about how the self-loading mixer weighing

Apr 21,2020
The self-loading concrete mixer is a concrete mixer that can load concrete materials such as stones, yellow sand, cement, water into the mixing tank. The automatic loading mixer is generally a small mixer, with a mixing volume of 2 to 6 cubic meters The automatic loading mixer can automatically load. The vehicle itself has a bucket with the same function as the loader, which can be loaded with concrete raw materials. The vehicle can be equipped with a hydraulically driven water pump that can pump water. The mixer truck can replace the mixer to directly mix the concrete. The ratio of raw materials of concrete with different labels is different. How can the ratio of yellow sand and crushed stone be measured separately? This problem can be solved with a gravity scale or a hydraulic system pressure scale. The same method can be used on the loader. Welcome to visit the factory to inspect the product.
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