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These operating points of the concrete pump must be clear

These operating points of the concrete pump must be clear

Apr 27,2020
Concrete pumps are very common in the current construction. With the high-efficiency construction effect, they are very popular with customers. This article mainly analyzes the operation points of concrete pumps.
trailer concrete pump job site performance
1. The sand particle size, cement grade, and mix ratio should meet the mechanical performance requirements of the pump.

2. All bolts of the concrete pump should be fastened, the pipe joints should be tightly sealed, and the protective device should be complete and reliable.
3. At the beginning of the operation, the adjustment handle, handwheel, control rod, cock, etc. should be in the correct position, and the hydraulic system of the concrete delivery pump should be normal with no leakage.
concrete pump for ready mixed concrete pumping
4. Prepare to clean pipes, cleaning supplies and other related equipment. Before use, the pipeline should be prepared with cement mortar for lubrication. Unrelated persons must leave the pipeline.
5. When the concrete pump is under pressure, it is not allowed to open any conveying pipes and hydraulic pipes. The safety valve of the hydraulic system must not be adjusted arbitrarily, and the accumulator can only be filled with ammonia.
6. Various instruments and indicator lights on the concrete delivery pump should be monitored at any time. If there is any abnormality, it should be adjusted or handled in time. If the pipeline is blocked, reverse operation should be performed to return the concrete to the hopper. If necessary, the pipeline should be removed to eliminate blockages.
wet concrete shotcrete pump spraying machine

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