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Common hazards of concrete pump transmission

Common hazards of concrete pump transmission

May 11,2020
It is often encountered that the concrete transmission pump gearbox is covered, and some harm will occur. Today, the editor will take you to see what are the common hazards of concrete pump gearboxes covered?

1. Structural hazards

Judging from the structure of the concrete delivery pump, high temperature and high pressure will be generated during use. After the high temperature and high pressure are generated, it will be processed by the heat sink and the reducer of the machine itself, which will cause the concrete to agglomerate during use If it is not cleaned, it will cause thermal conductivity of these originals, which will cause some danger.

2. Design structure

The gearbox of the concrete delivery pump is designed according to the heat dissipation system. When working, relatively large water vapor will appear. When the water vapor appears, the pressure will slowly rise. If it is not repaired for a long time, it will also cause The mixed gas cannot be discharged normally, and the performance of the concrete pump gearbox will also be affected to a certain extent, so you should pay attention to these when using it.

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