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Eliminate concrete bubbles, super smooth concrete surface construction method! ((1)

Eliminate concrete bubbles, super smooth concrete surface construction method! ((1)

Jun 4,2020
Concrete refers to a general term for engineering composite materials in which aggregates are cemented together by cementitious materials, and is widely used in civil engineering. Because it consists of solid phase, liquid phase, and gas phase, some bubbles will inevitably be produced after the concrete is poured. But the existence of these bubbles will not only affect the appearance of the project, but more importantly, it will have some hidden risks. However, as long as the relevant personnel give enough attention and use effective technical means to fight against these concrete bubbles, there is no problem!

Causes of bubbles in concrete
Concrete mixing, transportation equipment form and time
The vibration of the concrete is uneven and the vibration time is not enough. During the vibration of the concrete, the air is easily mixed in, resulting in that the air bubbles of the concrete mixture cannot overflow within it, and its own weight cannot make these air bubbles expel. Some unsuitable operation methods will cause air bubbles in the concrete.
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Improper use of release agent
The release agent refers to a substance that is applied to the construction formwork before the concrete is poured, so that the formwork does not stick to the concrete surface after casting and it is not easy to remove the mold, which affects the finish of the concrete surface. Its main function is to isolate the formwork and concrete by a film formed on the surface.
In the actual construction process, due to uneven coating of the mold release agent or improper use of the release agent, the bubbles will rise along the template.

Concrete is too thick
In the actual construction process, if the layer thickness of the concrete is too large, the effective vibration depth of the vibrator will not meet the construction requirements. In addition, some workers only rely on experience or feeling to determine the concrete pouring height, which makes it difficult for air bubbles inside the concrete to be discharged.
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