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What is concrete slump

What is concrete slump

Jun 23,2020
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Concrete slump mainly refers to the plasticizing performance and pumpability of concrete. The factors that affect the concrete slump mainly include gradation change, water content, weighing deviation of the scale, and the amount of admixture, which are easily overlooked. Cement temperature, etc. Slump refers to the workability of concrete, specifically to ensure the normal progress of construction, including the water retention, fluidity and cohesion of concrete.

Workability refers to whether the concrete is easy to operate and uniformly dense. It is a very comprehensive performance that includes fluidity, cohesion and water retention. The impact and ease of use mainly include water consumption, water-cement ratio, sand rate, including cement varieties, aggregate conditions, time and temperature, and additives.
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The importance of concrete slump

Slump is an important indicator of the workability of concrete. The so-called workability, in simple terms, refers to whether it is convenient to construct fresh concrete. Why control slump during construction?

Convenient and simple, the operation is simple, and it is convenient for the construction enterprise to promote and use. No other instrument can measure the workability of concrete more easily than the slump test.

Second, slump also controls the quality of concrete from another angle. Concrete construction will definitely have a mix ratio. When the mix ratio is designed, there will also be a slump value for the mix ratio design, then the slump value during the mix design should be referenced for control during construction.
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