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What are the advantages of automatic feeding mixer operation?

What are the advantages of automatic feeding mixer operation?

Jul 13,2020
1. The operating lever is convenient for operation, and the touch screen adds water quantitatively.

2. The operation is sensitive and convenient, and the quantitative addition of water on the touch screen makes the stirring more uniform and more in line with the specifications.

3. The automatic loading mixer does not require manual cleaning.

4. Increasing the water tank can hold more water.

5. The front-drive double-row high-pressure tires are more load-bearing and safer, reducing accidents.

6. The automatic loading mixer itself has an external suction pump, which is more convenient to add water, and the time of discharging can be cleaned very conveniently.

7. Save at least 3 manual workers per day, save 100 kWh, do not need to load by concrete truck and loader, and work on all terrain.

8. The operation table of the control room of the automatic loading mixer can be rotated, and it is more convenient to control it in both directions.
automatic self loading concrete mixer truck

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