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Auto Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck Driving Methods

Auto Self-loading Concrete Mixer Truck Driving Methods

Jul 22,2020
self loading concrete mixer shipped to france
What is the correct driving method of an automatic self loading concrete mixer truck?

After installing concrete in the car, it is not allowed to stay on site for more than 1 hour. If the time is over, the person in charge on site should be required to deal with it in time. The slump of concrete transported by the automatic loading mixer shall not be less than 8 cm.

From entering the storage tank to discharging the concrete, the high temperature temperature should not exceed 2 hours, and the rain temperature should not exceed 2.5 hours. During the transportation of concrete, the mixing tank shall not be stopped for a long time to prevent concrete segregation. The driver should always investigate the specific situation.
When using an automatic loading mixer truck to load concrete, the rotation speed of the mixing drum is 2-10 rpm. During transportation, ensure that the speed of the mixing tank on the horizontal road is 2-3 rpm. If the slope is greater than 50, when the road is uneven or shakes violently, stop mixing and spinning, and wait for the road to improve before mixing and spinning.
Before starting, the handle of the automatic feeding mixer should be in the "stop" position. After the engine is started, the automatic feeding mixer should roll at a low speed for about 10 minutes, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil should rise above 20°C before operation.

When the automatic feeding mixer truck is parked outdoors, the mixing bucket should be rotated before mixing to discharge the accumulated water and debris to ensure the quality of the concrete. When transporting concrete, you must ensure that the bucket is firmly placed to prevent it from swaying due to looseness, injury to pedestrians or affecting the normal operation of other vehicles during the trek.

After draining, immediately flush the entrance with a car hose, drain funnel and drain box, then pour 150-200L of pure water into the mixer, and then let the mixer roll slowly to clean the inner wall.
The driving method of the automatic feeding mixer truck is like this, I hope it will help you.

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