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The concrete wet spray manipulator mechanical arm is an intelligent and highly adaptable wet spray concrete equipment

The concrete wet spray manipulator mechanical arm is an intelligent and highly adaptable wet spray concrete equipment

Dec 28,2020
In the construction of railway and highway tunnels, deep foundation pits and road slope protection, spray concrete support methods are widely used. Shotcrete support has become the main method of conventional rock support, and it plays a great role in stabilizing the surrounding rock. Wet shotcrete has many advantages in the construction and safety support of mines and tunnels. After further improvement of shot materials, equipment and construction technology, wet shotcrete is widely used in modern underground mines and tunnels.

The traditional artificial sprayed concrete method has a harsh working environment and great harm to workers; it has high labor intensity and low efficiency; and it is difficult to guarantee the process requirements of spraying. With the continuous development of tunnel construction technology, the requirements of tunnel engineering quality, operation safety, occupational health, etc. continue to increase. In each process of tunnel construction, mechanized equipment is gradually used to replace manual labor, and mechanized wet shotcrete support instead of manual shotcrete has become a development trend.
wet concrete shotcrete machine
Concrete wet spraying manipulator is also called concrete wet spraying trolley, concrete wet spraying manipulator, concrete spraying manipulator. The wet concrete spraying manipulator has the characteristics of high construction mechanization, high work efficiency, less rebound, strong construction safety, good working environment, and high degree of automation. It can not only overcome the problems of traditional dry concrete spraying machine, but also improve tunnel spraying. The quality of the concrete reduces the labor intensity of the operators and significantly improves the construction efficiency and economic benefits.

The wet concrete spraying manipulator is an intelligent and highly adaptable wet spraying concrete equipment. The spraying position of the spraying arm and the angle of the nozzle are operated by the wireless remote control, which reduces the contact between the operator and the concrete, while reducing the dust concentration and improving the working environment. The health of construction workers is guaranteed. The wet concrete spraying manipulator is widely used in the construction of the sprayed concrete supporting operation in the construction of railway tunnels, highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, mine roadways, dam slopes, building foundation pits and military engineering.
wet concrete shotcrete machine spraying machine

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