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Strict use requirements of mining wet concrete spray machine need to be known

Strict use requirements of mining wet concrete spray machine need to be known

Jan 11,2021
The strict use requirements of mining wet concrete spraying machines need to be known in order to ensure the safety of users and the service life of the machine.
1. During the spraying operation, the machine operator should always pay attention to the condition of the level gauge and pressure gauge in the liquid accelerator tank, and add the accelerator in time (if the accelerator is corrosive, the specific operator should wear labor protection equipment as much as possible before operating. In case of splashing on the skin, rinse with water as soon as possible to avoid skin burns).
2. When the shotcrete machine is running, it is strictly prohibited to use metal sticks to clean the hopper to avoid accidentally dropping hard objects into the material cavity and causing electrical and mechanical accidents.
3. When rinsing the machine with water, pay attention to the protection of electrical appliances. * You can sprinkle water on the electrical appliances to avoid short circuits caused by moisture.
4. After the work, the remaining accelerator should be released to avoid precipitation. Rinse the accelerator box with clean water every 3-5 days.
5. Once the pipe is blocked during operation, the valve should be closed immediately, and the machine should be shut down. When the pipe is disassembled, the internal wind pressure must be zero before operation.
6. Before turning over the hopper base, be sure to unplug the vibration motor and loosen the upper air hose connection nut.
After the preparatory work is over, the pneumatic conveying system opens the main air path, the upper air path, the lower air path, and the auxiliary air path manual stop valves. The quick-setting agent delivery system closes the water supply switch valve, cleans the water switch valve, and opens the quick-setting agent supply switch valve. The electronic control system closes the main switch DK, the control power switch DYK, and the main motor air switch 1DK, sequentially starts the metering pump motor, the vibration motor, and the main motor, and then adds the mixing material to the hopper, and the equipment enters the normal working state.
Shutdown operation:
truck mounted concrete spraying machine
Before shotcrete machine stopping spraying, first stop feeding. When there is no material in the hopper and observe that there is no material flow at the nozzle, the spraying machine spraying hand will leave the nozzle of the nozzle away from the spray surface, and the operator will turn off the accelerator supply switch valve and turn on the water supply switch. Valve, cleaning water switch valve. Then clean the accelerating agent conveying pipeline, the hopper and the residual material in the rotor cavity. After cleaning, first shut down the main motor and feed water switch valve. When no liquid is sprayed from the nozzle, turn off the metering pump motor, close the cleaning water switch valve, cut off the main air path, and maintain the machine according to the maintenance and maintenance methods. During operation, if there are abnormal phenomena such as increased air pressure caused by pipe blockage, the power supply should be turned off in time, and the malfunction can be continued before use.
truck mounted concrete spraying machine

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