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Double nozzle hydraulic wet spraying machine is a new type of pumping concrete wet spraying machine.

Double nozzle hydraulic wet spraying machine is a new type of pumping concrete wet spraying machine.

Issue Time:2021/04/06
The double nozzle wet spraying machine is a new type of pumping wet concrete spraying machine, which adopts hydraulic pumping type, which has high construction efficiency, high system reliability and stable delivery volume, ensuring fast, uniform and stable spraying concrete operation.

The working principle of the double nozzle wet concrete spraying machine is to use the thrust generated by the hydraulic pump to make the two oil cylinders alternately move back and forth, and send the dense flow material from the conveying pipe to the mixed flow pipe. The compressed air forms a thin stream and sends it to the nozzle through the pipe. A certain proportion of quick-setting agent is added to the nozzle, and it is directly sprayed on a mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic three-in-one mechanical equipment on the spray surface.

The double nozzle wet concrete spraying machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption of the pumping system, high working efficiency, few wearing parts, high system reliability, and stable delivery volume. The spray system adopts single nozzle or double nozzle spraying operation, which improves work efficiency. Equipped with an automatic lubrication system, automatic lubrication is adopted for the main sealing parts, and the grease filling amount and filling time are automatically controlled, which greatly extends the life of the wearing parts.

The double nozzle wet concrete spraying machine shotcrete machine adopts the wet spraying process, and its efficiency is significantly higher than that of the dry spraying process. It greatly improves the construction work environment and speeds up the sprayed concrete operation cycle. More importantly, the sprayed concrete quality assurance system has been established through the wet spraying process to make The quality of shotcrete is stable and reliable.

With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality of shotcrete, more and more hydraulic wet shotcreting machines have been used in anchoring and shotcreting support projects. The wet spraying machine with double nozzles is widely used in the construction of wet spraying concrete support in the construction of railway tunnels, highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, mine roadways, dam slopes, building foundation pits and military engineering.

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