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What determines the price of the wet spray machine

What determines the price of the wet spray machine

May 8,2021
Nowadays, the popularization of Internet information has greatly changed our way of life. You can buy what you like without going out. Of course, when buying things online, asking for the price is the first thing to compare, and the second thing to compare is the price. After many inquiries, you will find that the prices given by each merchant are very different, and what is the reason for this phenomenon? Here, we take the mechanical wet concrete spray machine as an example to discuss the price difference, then the wet concrete spray machine What determines its price?

1. Product equipment configuration
Wet concrete spraying machines are divided into three categories: wet spraying manipulators, pumping wet concrete spraying machines, and piston wet shotcrete spraying machines. The concrete wet spray manipulator has a complete set of automatic control system, hydraulic four-connected pump, imported chassis transmission system and wireless remote control components. The core components are all imported, which guarantees the quality of the equipment. The pumping wet spray machine adopts a unique three-pump system in the industry, as well as a lubrication system, frame and walking device, hood and fuel tank, hydraulic system, electrical system, liquid accelerator adding system, conveying pipeline and air supply system , Vibration mechanism and other components. The principle of the rotor-piston cam feeding mechanism has a very high level of technology. The difference in these parts determines the difference in the price of wet spraying machines.

2. Different degrees of automation
The advanced nature of product equipment functions is also one of the main factors affecting equipment prices. Generally speaking, the more advanced the function of the wet spray machine equipment, the higher the degree of automation, and the less labor cost required for the equipment, the higher the price of the wet spray manipulator. On the contrary, the price of pumping wet spraying machine and piston wet spraying machine will be lower.

3. Different manufacturers have different strengths
The configuration, manufacturing process and after-sales service of wet spraying machine are different from different manufacturers. Compared with small manufacturers, powerful manufacturers have more guarantees in terms of craftsmanship and quality. Therefore, the price of wet spray machines from large manufacturers will definitely be slightly higher. Moreover, large manufacturers have perfect after-sales service, which is unmatched by small manufacturers. Therefore, everyone must consider all factors when buying a wet spray machine. You can't just value the price and ignore other factors.
The price of wet concrete spraying machine is affected by many factors. It is normal for everyone to encounter different quotations during the consultation process. If you want to know the price of our company's wet concrete spray machine, you can contact our website online customer service or call directly at any time. We will explain the equipment configuration and performance and price issues in detail for you.

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