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How does the truck mounted wet concrete shotcrete machine hydraulic system work?

How does the truck mounted wet concrete shotcrete machine hydraulic system work?

Jun 1,2021
Truck mounted Wet concrete spraying machine generally use hydraulic drive equipment for concrete conveying. The hydraulic drive equipment of wet spray trucks generally uses hydraulic cylinders to drive plunger concrete pumps to transport concrete. This type of transportation can be seen everywhere on construction sites, especially suitable for large-scale engineering construction, because the hydraulic system can be greatly improved The construction schedule and work efficiency can reduce the burden of manpower while ensuring the quality of construction.
The hydraulic system used by the wet spray truck can transport concrete in longitudinal, horizontal, and vertical three-coordinates for long-distance transportation; at the same time, it can control the transportation distance by itself, is convenient to operate, has the characteristics of automatic overload protection and high reliability. Based on many years of practical experience, Saintyol DAWIN Machinery has summarized the working principle of wet shotcrete truck concrete pump, concrete mixing, conveying, cleaning and other hydraulic system design. The concrete delivery pump truck is composed of a concrete delivery hydraulic system, a mixing trailer pump hydraulic system, a cleaning hydraulic system, and a pump truck support system.
When the main hydraulic cylinder of the wet spraying trolley drives a plunger of the concrete delivery pump to retract, the slide valve driving cylinder opens the suction door of the slide valve and closes the delivery door of the slide valve. A plunger cavity of the concrete delivery pump passes through the slide valve. The suction door sucks concrete from the hopper; the corresponding spool valve drive cylinder opens the delivery door of the spool valve, closes the suction door of the spool valve, and the other main hydraulic cylinder pushes the other plunger of the concrete delivery pump The concrete in the plunger cavity is delivered to the construction site through the Y-tube and the delivery pipeline connected to it through the delivery door of the slide valve. The wet spray truck works alternately through the two concrete suction and delivery plunger cylinder delivery systems. , Realize the continuous conveying of concrete. The Y-shaped pipe is a three-way pipe with one end connected to the delivery door of the two slide valves and the other end to the concrete delivery pipeline of the construction site.
The truck mounted telecom placing boom wet spraying machine is a comprehensive device that combines concrete mixing, conveying, and cleaning with a car chassis as a carrier equipment. It is conveyed through a conveying pipeline and three-dimensional long-distance transportation; it is an indispensable equipment for basic construction projects, especially on large construction sites. It reduces the heavy physical labor of concrete transportation, improves the construction progress and work efficiency; adopts an energy-saving electro-hydraulic proportional relief valve and a high-pressure large-flow variable pump to form an electro-hydraulic proportional pressure control without overflow loss, with low power consumption and high efficiency ; The wet spray truck hydraulic system, hydraulic system, and water cleaning hydraulic system make the wet spray truck and mixing trailer pump simple in structure, convenient to operate, strong in overload protection, and good in reliability.

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