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Saintyol DAWIN 8m3/hr diesel shotcrete machine wet concrete spraying machine works in Israel project

Saintyol DAWIN 8m3/hr diesel shotcrete machine wet concrete spraying machine works in Israel project

Aug 2,2021
Saintyol DAWIN 8m3/hr diesel shotcrete machine wet concrete spraying machine works in Israel project 
Wet spraying machine delivers well mixed concrete to the nozzle through conveying and pumping, and compressed air is added at the outlet of delivery pump, which makes materials and air fully integrate with one another in the pipe, so that perfused materials become more even. In addition, accelerator is sprinkled on the nozzle for making materials solidify rapidly and reducing the rebound rate. Besides, its working efficiency is higher than dry spraying machine as the mixture of materials can be easily controlled.

Wet spraying machine is widely used for concrete spraying operation in places such as mine, tunnel, culvert, railway, hydro-power project, underground engineering and revetment.

Main Characteristics of Hydraulic Pump-type Wet Spraying Machine
The system is more reliable and delivery capacity is stable in adopting hydraulic pumping.
It has large volume of delivery, long distance of delivery and high efficiency of construction.
Sprayed concrete is of high performance and strength, as well as being dense and homogeneous.
The main oil pump adopts variable displacement piston pump of constant power; and the delivery amount, which can be freely adjusted according to needs, is controlled by PLC.
S pipe surfacing electrode of high strength, wear plate and cutting ring are inlaid with hard alloy of high strength, which not only improves the wear resistance, but increases the service life of parts.
It is equipped with multi-point electric lubricating pump. And together with automatic and effective control of grease's filling amount and time, contributing to the fact that the service life of wear-out parts are effectively increased
Air cooling avoids damage caused by water cooling in winter.
Accelerator is added and controlled by metering pump of domestically famous brand, achieving accurate measurement and realizing stepless speed regulation.
Harm on the health of operator is reduced by lowering dust concentration beside the machine and of the nozzle.
Humanized design of product makes operation and maintenance become easier, with reliability effectively guaranteed as well.
Configuration of Hydraulic Pumping Wet Spraying Machine:.
Power System: it adopts motor and diesel engine of domestically famous brand.
Main Oil Pump: it adopts variable plunger pump, which guarantees the stable and reliable operation of system, while its overpressure relief function realizes the effective protection of main pump and motor.
Lubrication System: it adopts separate lubrication of five points, and "point-to-point" lubrication guarantees that critical parts won't be worn out, thus increasing their service life.
Accelerator Metering Pump: reciprocating piston diaphragm pump is of high temperature resistance, erosion resistance and abrasion resistance, with high accuracy of measurement, and its speed can be regulated steplessly.
Characters of electronically controlled reversing system: low pumping pressure and high reversing speed, which reduce reversal impact and operator's labor intensity; two separate hydraulic circuits make the oil supply of system more stable; operation becomes simple and reliable through accurate control of PLC, which increases reversal speed of swing cylinder while reducing the reversal impact, at the same time, instantaneous action of large cylinder's reverse is accelerated, making concrete cylinder become substantial, increasing the continuity of materials supply and realizing even discharge.

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