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Truck-mounted wet concrete spraying machine promotes the process of tunnel construction mechanization

Truck-mounted wet concrete spraying machine promotes the process of tunnel construction mechanization

Aug 26,2021
The traditional spraying support technology of underground space mainly relies on manual operation of spraying machine construction, spraying a certain thickness of concrete to achieve the supporting effect. In the traditional spraying environment, there are a large number of dust particles, noise pollution is also quite serious, and there is a danger of underground collapse, which poses a serious threat to the life and safety of operators in underground space construction. Manual operation is not only labor-intensive, but also has problems such as uneven spray metering, slow spray speed, and unstable spray forming, which will affect the construction speed and construction quality of underground space support.

With the continuous development of tunnel construction technology, the requirements of tunnel engineering quality, operation safety, occupational health, etc. continue to increase. In each process of tunnel construction, mechanized equipment is gradually used to replace manual labor. The vehicle-mounted wet concrete spraying trolley has become the sprayed concrete support. Mainstream equipment for operations.

The truck-mounted wet concrete spraying trolley has the advantages of high construction efficiency, stable construction quality, strong construction safety, and good construction environment. It can better meet the increasingly high construction quality and construction period requirements in the domestic construction field.

Compared with the traditional small wet spraying machine, the vehicle-mounted concrete wet spraying trolley has operational flexibility, rapidity, convenience, economy and safety. It can not only overcome the problems of the traditional concrete spraying machine, but also improve the tunnel spraying. The quality of the concrete reduces the labor intensity of the operators and significantly improves the construction efficiency and economic benefits.

The vehicle-mounted wet concrete spraying trolley is the key equipment for modern concrete support construction such as traffic tunnels, hydropower culverts, underground mines, etc. It greatly improves the working environment of tunnel constructors, reduces labor intensity, improves work efficiency, and saves construction costs. Promote the process of tunnel construction mechanization.

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