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How many do you know about the composition of the concrete placing machine?

How many do you know about the composition of the concrete placing machine?

Oct 8,2021
The concrete placing boom is mainly composed of a main beam frame, a balance frame, a supporting seat, and a conveying pipeline.

Main beam

The main beam frame is composed of supporting angle steel, pipe brackets, tie rods, main beams, etc. The main beam frame is installed on the slewing support seat and can be rotated 360 degrees through the slewing support. The upper part of the first two main beams is fixed and supported by the pipe bracket to fix and support the delivery pipe of the placing boom, and the back end is equipped with a balance frame to achieve counterweight balance.
Balance frame
The balance frame is composed of a balance frame and a counterweight box, and the balance frame is equipped with a counterweight box. It is installed at the flange at the rear of the main beam and fixed with screws to ensure its working stability.
Support base
The supporting seat is mainly welded by angle steel and steel plate. The slewing bearing is installed at the lower part of the main beam to support the weight of the whole machine. The upper part is realized by the main beam through the ball slewing bearing of the support seat to achieve 360" rotation. In order to achieve different concrete placing ranges, the telescopic legs can be adjusted horizontally to achieve its working stability, and each outrigger must be leveled during work.
Delivery pipeline
The conveying pipe is composed of fixed risers, straight pipes, movable elbows, manual pipes, and pipe clamps.
The conveying pipeline is fixed on the main beam frame, the rear end of the 90-degree elbow is connected to the end of the concrete conveying pipeline, and the other end of the manual pipe can be used for 360-degree distribution through the movable elbow.

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