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Are you still using traditional placing rod ? You are out of date

Are you still using traditional placing rod ? You are out of date

Nov 30,2021
With the continuous emergence of high-rise buildings, problems such as high wind load and high pumping have brought great difficulties to the construction of high-rise structures. Among them, the construction of concrete placing is a big problem.

Due to the unstable chassis and simple fixing method of the placing boom used in the past, the falling frame often occurs in some windy areas, which affects on-site construction safety and construction progress.

The emergence of hydraulic spreader has solved these problems well. It can climb automatically, is simple to operate, stable in installation, and has good economic and social benefits.

Saintyol DAWIN Machinery independently develops and produces hydraulic placing boom machines, especially the elevator shaft climbing type and floor jacking type, which are suitable for high-rise buildings and construction projects that require large-area concrete pouring, especially for high-rise building structures in windy coastal areas.

The concrete placing boom installs its tower in the elevator shaft or between the floor slabs, and climbs upwards through the equipped hydraulic jacking device. The top of the tower is equipped with a turntable and a boom, which can operate 360 ​​degrees without dead ends. The boom includes a large boom, a middle boom, and a forearm. The connections are equipped with hydraulic linkages, which can be flexibly extended and retracted. The overall control is integrated in the electrical system. Hand-held remote control panel, convenient operation, saving time and effort.

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