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How to choose the right concrete pump during construction

How to choose the right concrete pump during construction

Mar 1,2022
This scheme has the advantages of simple construction and low construction cost, but the pumping pressure of this scheme is too high, which is easy to cause leakage, leading to many problems such as concrete segregation and pipe blockage. The requirements are extremely high; at the same time, once the project is completed, the pump is not economical for other general projects.

The selection of ultra-high pressure concrete pumps is generally based on the requirements of the working conditions, estimating the resistance of the pipeline, selecting the concrete pump model based on the calculated pressure value, and then confirming the pumping pressure (determining the pumping height) according to the construction requirements provided by the manufacturer. , Whether the theoretical volume (determining the pumping time) meets the construction requirements. If the requirements are met, the model is determined, and if the requirements are not met, the model will be re-selected. Repeat this until the selected model meets the requirements.

        The main process of selection is as follows: (1) Estimation of pumping pressure. (2) Preliminary selection of equipment models. (3) Determine the equipment model.

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