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Do you know how to install the concrete pump correctly?

Do you know how to install the concrete pump correctly?

Apr 24,2022
When installing the concrete delivery pump, the user needs to consider the source of the concrete. If it is commercial concrete, the mixer truck supplies the material, and the delivery pump can be installed on the spot, as long as it is convenient to feed and take over. If concrete is mixed on site, the location of the mixer needs to be determined according to the feeding method and site of the mixer. Then determine the position of the concrete delivery pump according to the discharge height of the mixer and the requirements for pumping and connection. According to the situation of on-site mixing, the introduction is as follows:
1. Placement requirements
Before installing the concrete delivery pump, first place the concrete pump on a relatively solid cement floor or stone pier, and make sure that the concrete delivery pump is kept level. At the same time, the positioning pins and safety pins of the four outriggers of the pump can be locked to make the tires off the ground or remove the tires.
2. Installation of hopper
Usually, the height of the hopper of the pump needs to be increased by about 20cm, which can effectively increase the volume of the hopper and ensure that the concrete does not flow out. It should be noted that the discharge of the forced mixer should be done at one time as much as possible, so that the concrete flowing into the hopper will be more uniform. If unloading is carried out in stages, there will be a lot of jibs for the concrete stones discharged later, which is quite unfavorable for pumping. Especially when the slump of concrete is large, it is more worth noting, so at this time, the hopper of the pump should be elevated. If it is a large-capacity mixer, a storage hopper can be made in advance to ensure continuous feeding.
3. Installation of chute
According to the discharge port of the mixer and the hopper of the pump machine as the chute, the material discharged from the mixer enters the hopper of the pump machine through the chute. It should be pointed out that the chute is usually made of angle steel as the skeleton and welded with 1.5mm thick steel plate. The bottom is usually framed with a support, the purpose is to make it firm.
4. Overall requirements
Usually, when placing the chute, the slope must be properly required. It is recommended that the inclination angle should be between 25° and 40°, and the drop should not be too large. In addition, when the chute is connected to the pump hopper, there should be a certain space between the chute and the hopper, which is convenient for cleaning the hopper and screen. After the concrete pump is installed as a whole, observe the overall situation to ensure that the cover door of the conveying pump can be opened and closed freely, which is convenient for maintenance and operation.
Concrete delivery pumps have been widely used in major construction fields, and the correct installation of concrete delivery pumps can make them play a greater role.

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