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Wet Concrete spray trolley market has entered a period of rapid expansion

Wet Concrete spray trolley market has entered a period of rapid expansion

May 5,2022
Since the 1960s, western developed countries have begun to implement wet spray technology, and various wet spray machines have been developed and put into use one after another. At present, in some western countries, wet spraying machine has become the main equipment for shotcrete operation, and the application rate in many countries reaches more than 80%. In China, wet spraying technology started late, and the market was still blank until the early 1990s. However, after 2010, with a number of powerful enterprises entering this field one after another, a series of concrete wet spraying trolley products were launched. , the industry began to achieve rapid development.

As the main equipment for shotcrete support operation, concrete wet spray trolley can be widely used in mine roadways, railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, various underground projects, high-rise building foundation pits, military engineering and other constructions. Compared with the traditional dry spraying machine operation, the concrete wet spraying trolley operation can reduce the dust concentration beside the machine and outside the nozzle, and effectively eliminate the harm to workers' health.

More importantly, by using concrete wet spraying trolley, the concrete rebound rate can be reduced to about 15%, which greatly improves the construction efficiency, and because the water-cement ratio is easy to control, the quality of shotcrete can be greatly improved and labor is reduced. Quantity and key cost savings.

On the whole, the support of the national industrial policy, the continuous investment in infrastructure construction such as railways and highways in the downstream industries, and the promotion of the national “One Belt, One Road” strategy have brought significant development opportunities for the tunnel construction equipment industry. At the same time, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the improvement of the quality requirements of shotcrete, more and more concrete wet spraying trolleys will be put into use.

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