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Saintyol DAWIN shares about the hydraulic system of fine stone concrete pump

Saintyol DAWIN shares about the hydraulic system of fine stone concrete pump

Aug 10,2022
The fine stone concrete pump is light in weight and strong in flexibility. It is equipped with walking wheels, which is convenient to move and simple to operate. The pumping system is more than 10 times that of manual construction, which can save time and labor costs, shorten the construction period and liberate labor. At the same time, fine stone concrete can also meet the problem of high-rise pumping, can be continuously and stably conveyed, and is not subject to the requirements of distance and height. Many fine stone concrete pumps use hydraulic slurry delivery, which has a long service life and can transport various mortars, fine stone concrete, etc. in construction applications. A good helper and ideal equipment in .

Most of the fine stone concrete pumps use a hydraulic system. The piston rod in the main oil cylinder generates mechanical pressure under the power. When the piston retracts, it generates self-priming in the conveying cylinder. The concrete in the hopper is under the action of atmospheric pressure and the boost of the stirring blade. Under the action, it is sucked into the conveying cylinder through the suction port of the slide valve. At the same time, it enters the concrete conveying pipe through the Y-shaped pipe of the spool valve conveying port. The displacement of this piston type fine stone concrete pump depends on the number and diameter of the main cylinders, as well as the speed and efficiency of the piston operation.

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