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Relevant safe operation of pump truck outriggers

Relevant safe operation of pump truck outriggers

Mar 20,2023
The outriggers of the sky pump play a very important role in the whole car. If the chassis is not stable enough, it will fall easily. Therefore, the stability of a car has a crucial relationship with the outriggers. Whether the outriggers can be stably attached to the ground is also a very important link in the safety inspection of sky pumps.

one. Do not enter the danger zone

When unfolding or retracting the outriggers of the pump truck, the rotation range of the outriggers is a dangerous area. If you step in this range, you may be pinched. When performing this operation, be careful of the safety of yourself and the people around you. .

two. extend the outriggers in place
The outriggers of the sky pump have fixed reinforcement positions. Only when the outriggers are opened and stretched in place can these reinforcement positions exert the maximum strength, otherwise the outriggers may be in danger of breaking. When extending the outrigger, pay attention to the alignment position of the arrow on the outrigger and the outrigger, and the arrow on the front outrigger arm and the front outrigger arm.

Three, the sky pump must be supported on a solid ground. If the maximum pressure of the outrigger is greater than the allowable pressure on the ground, a support plate or auxiliary square wood must be used to increase the support surface area. In addition, you must communicate with familiar people on the construction site before setting up the legs to ensure that the legs are not on the sewer.

Four. Keep a safe distance to prevent ground subsidence

When supporting near pits or ramps, a sufficient safety distance should be reserved to prevent ground subsidence.

five. when the outriggers enter the water

If rainwater, outrigger cylinder leakage and factors that reduce the stability of outriggers occur, the boom should be folded immediately, and the outriggers should be supported again according to the requirements after exclusion. When supporting the pump truck, it is best to keep the tires about 5 cm away from the ground, otherwise the vehicle's driving mechanism will be damaged due to the swing of the pump truck's S swing pipe and the impact of the pressure inside the pipe.

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