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Can you clean a small pump truck? Teach you the following points

Can you clean a small pump truck? Teach you the following points

Sep 4,2023
We drive a pump truck, how can we avoid getting cement stains on the truck? Moreover, after the pump truck has been driven for a long time, rust inhibitors, iron filings, rust spots, and dust and impurities will often remain on the mechanical equipment. In order to prolong the service life of the mechanical equipment, it is necessary to clean the pump truck in time.
1. Cleaning preparation

Carefully check whether the outside of the equipment is complete and free of damage before disassembling and cleaning it. If any internal damage is found during the cleaning process, a record should be made and a warning should be issued.

(2) Prepare the cleaning site and the required tools and cleaning materials. The cleaning site should be dry and clean, and equipped with water, electricity, compressed air and other facilities.

2. Cleaning steps

(1) Initial washing: mainly to rinse and remove stains that are easy to be washed away directly. Remove dust, old oil, sludge, paint chips and rust from the surface of the equipment. It can be cleaned directly with a high-pressure water gun. The old anti-rust oil can be scraped off with soft metal sheets or bamboo chips. The paint layer on the processed surface can be cleaned and removed with a solvent.
(2) Fine washing: After the initial cleaning of the machine parts, use cleaning agent to rinse away the oil stains and other dirt on the surface of the machine parts. If necessary, use hot oil to remove dried and deteriorated grease.

There are different cleaning products corresponding to different stains, especially cement, oil stains, water tank scale, etc. It is recommended to use professional cleaning agents to clean directly, which saves time and effort and easily removes stains, and does not affect car paint and accessories.

Fine cleaning: Use a clean cleaning agent for final cleaning, or use compressed air to blow and clean the surface, and then rinse with a cleaning agent. When the cleaned parts cannot be assembled immediately, they should be coated with grease and wrapped with clean paper or cloth to prevent dust from falling.

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