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The 70-meter large pump truck pumps powerfully and has a reliable dusting and stable boom.

The 70-meter large pump truck pumps powerfully and has a reliable dusting and stable boom.

Nov 1,2023
The Saintyol DAWIN 70-meter pump truck has always been favored by customers and has excellent customer experience in the market. This pump truck has made breakthrough improvements in terms of reliability, stability, maintainability, cost-effectiveness of accessories and remote system upgrades, as well as common industry issues. Customers of this truck have reported that "pumping is stable, full pipe discharging, energy consumption is "low", choosing a Konele pump truck is definitely your ideal choice.
① Strong pumping capacity and no material picking.

② Pumping is stable and reliable, the boom is stable, intelligent shock absorption technology, and pumping reversal is stable.

③Low energy consumption, fuel saving and low use cost.

④ Consumable parts are common in the industry and easy to obtain.

⑤The truck adopts Shandeka chassis, which is the top model in China's pump truck industry. German MAN engine, ZF gearbox, and an open system with high-pressure pumping and stepless pressure regulation.

⑥The fabric is more flexible, the vehicle layout is compact, and the site adaptability is good.

⑦ Strong pumping capacity, no material picking, active shock absorption technology, stable boom, stable pumping reversal, 6RZR six-section arm layout, the last section of the arm rotates 200 degrees, and strong flexibility.

For large construction sites, Saintyol DAWIN has developed a 70-meter large pump truck, which reduces the number of times you need to move the truck and makes construction more convenient. Save you time and effort.

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