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Concrete Pump trucks are used to transport concrete, and any other use is dangerous.

Concrete Pump trucks are used to transport concrete, and any other use is dangerous.

Dec 4,2023
What are the uses of concrete pump trucks? Besides pumping concrete, what else can it be used for? In fact, it cannot be used.

Pump trucks can only be used to transport concrete. Any other use (such as lifting heavy objects) is dangerous and not allowed. Except for concrete, substances with a density greater than 2.4Kg/L shall not be pumped. When driving with spare pipes and other accessories, the load, height, width, and length are not allowed to exceed the indicators stipulated in the Road Traffic Law. When crossing underground passages, bridges, tunnels or high-altitude pipelines or high-altitude cables, be sure to ensure sufficient space and distance. The driving speed is not allowed to exceed the maximum speed in the technical data sheet of the pump truck, otherwise there is a risk of overturning.
The speed of the pump truck should be slow when it starts pumping concrete. When the concrete is sent out of the end of the pipe, the speed can be gradually accelerated and the pumping speed can be switched to normal speed. Pressure feeding should be carried out continuously without pause. When encountering abnormal operation, the pumping speed can be slowed down. When the concrete supply is insufficient, the pumping speed needs to be reduced. When the pumping supply is temporarily interrupted, the pump should be used to pump and push back and forth 2 to 3 times every 5 to 10 minutes to prevent pipe blockage. If the concrete is interrupted for more than 30 minutes for any reason, the concrete remaining in the pipeline should be drained to prevent blockage.

Before driving on the road, you must make sure that the boom and outriggers are fully folded and fixed, otherwise you are not allowed to drive on the road. Concrete pump trucks have a higher center of gravity and need to slow down when turning to prevent them from tipping over. Do not increase the diameter of the concrete delivery pipe at will. The length of the end hose should not exceed 3 meters. During operation, care should be taken to prevent the hose from bending and blocking. The end hose should not be embedded in the concrete, otherwise it will easily cause the pressure in the pipeline to increase and cause an accident.

Then when pumping, the pump truck should pay attention to the above points. It is not allowed to remove any protective devices on the equipment, and no work is allowed before confirming that the hopper screen is closed.

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