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If you need to use a small pump truck recently, please pay attention to these

If you need to use a small pump truck recently, please pay attention to these

Dec 29,2023
The market for concrete pump trucks is now very mature and is widely used on construction sites. If you need to use a small concrete pump truck recently, you need to pay attention to the following points when choosing:
First of all, it depends on the construction conditions of the construction site, whether it is suitable for the working conditions, and whether it is convenient and fast when moving. Most pump truck boom lengths on the market now are around 32-48 meters. This part accounts for the majority, and a small part is large pump trucks. About 70 meters. Of course, the larger the meter, the greater the cost. Of course, the construction will also be affected by space and subject to certain restrictions. Therefore, unless there are very large working conditions, most people will choose small pump trucks.

Due to the increasing demand for pumping height and distance, a three-axle five-arm pump truck is now available. Compared with the previous four-arm pump truck, the construction is more flexible. Due to road conditions and construction There are dense buildings on site, and more and more concrete pump trucks have begun to develop in a smaller size and begin construction in remote sections such as rural areas and countryside. But the requirements for construction have not been reduced. The above is an introduction to the technical development trend of small concrete pump trucks. I believe everyone has a certain understanding. Thank you for your attention!

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