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Hydraulic concrete placing boom machine Preparations before "holiday"

Hydraulic concrete placing boom machine Preparations before "holiday"

Jan 23,2024
1. After stopping operation, all materials in the conveying pipe must be emptied, rinsed with clean water, drain the water in the machine, and hang a "Water Discharged" sign.

2. Before stopping work, the hydraulic concrete placing boom machine equipment should be maintained for a season, conduct a freezing point test on the antifreeze used, and replace the antifreeze suitable for the climate conditions of the region. Fuel, lubricating oil, and hydraulic oil must use the brands specified in winter, and preheating and heat preservation devices must be installed.

3. The hydraulic concrete placing boom should be well insulated in winter. Equipment that cannot enter the room without conditions should be erected with a cold-proof shed. Large equipment stored in the open air should be parked in a sheltered place and should not be parked on the muddy or water-logged ground.
4. Wheeled equipment should maintain normal tire pressure, which should not be too high or too low; anti-skid chains should be added when necessary when driving on ice and snow roads.

5. Do a good job in storing and protecting the equipment. Turn off the power of the out-of-use equipment, remove the battery and put it indoors for proper storage and charge it once a month.

6. The engine thermostat should be installed and covered with an insulation cover. Arrange caretakers, and pay attention to fire and sand prevention work while protecting against freezing.

7. Preheat the equipment before reusing it. Run the engine at idle speed for a period of time after starting, and then load it again after the temperature comes up.

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