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CE certificates for Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Update Time2020/1/7
CE certificates for Self-loading Concrete Mixer
  • Period:
  • 2019/9/12 - 2024/9/15
  • Certification bodies:
  • UDEM International Certification
Saintyol DAWIN Machinery HY2.0 HY1.6 HY2.2 HY3.5 HY4.0 HY4.2 models self loading concrete mixer passed CE certification and could offer the EC declaration of conformity for clients customs clearance. 
Self loading concrete mixer is the combination of concrete mixer truck and cement mixer, which can automatically feed, measure, mix and discharge concrete mixture. Equipped with a powerful engine and 2 wheel steering, the self loading concrete mixer is just like a small car and the operator can drive it to where it needs to go. It is very convenient for loading material, such as cement, aggregate, stone. The raw material is scattered in the construction site.

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