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How to use concrete pump truck to avoid danger?


    How to use concrete pump truck to avoid danger?

    Update Time:2020/5/12
    It is not allowed to remove any protective device on the equipment, and no operation shall be carried out until it is confirmed that the hopper screen has been closed. Do not reach into the hopper, mixing device or water tank when the pump truck is running. When the work temporarily stops, be sure to turn off the engine and press the emergency stop button. Before the pump truck enters the construction site to unfold the outriggers, the handbrake should be pulled down, and the wheels should be fixed with wheel stops. When pouring concrete, all outriggers should be fully deployed in place before the boom can be operated in accordance with the order specified in the operation and use of the pump truck.
    The body of the car must be kept horizontal, and the inclination of the front, back, left and right with respect to the horizontal plane is less than 3 degrees. And the legs must be retracted only after the boom is put on the main support of the boom. Before moving the boom and deploying the outriggers, check for obstacles around them. Prevent the boom or outriggers from touching buildings or other obstacles. When the position of the operator cannot observe the entire operation area or can not accurately determine the distance between the overhang of the placing boom concrete pump truck and the adjacent objects, a guide should be provided.

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