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What conditions must be met to drive a concrete pump truck?


    What conditions must be met to drive a concrete pump truck?

    Update Time:2020/5/12
    Qualifications of Operators and Maintenance Personnel Only a person who holds a recognized qualification certificate, has received full-time training and has been proven to have operational capabilities can operate the pump. Only qualified professional technicians and after-sales service personnel can repair the pump truck.
    This equipment is construction machinery that can be driven on highways, designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant provisions of the China Road Traffic Law and Construction Machinery Management Law, and has obtained performance and form approval certificates issued by relevant departments. Change the shape and system of the pump truck, including changing the safety pressure and running speed settings; changing to a large-diameter conveying pipe or increasing the thickness of the conveying pipe; changing the control program or circuit; changing the arm frame and outriggers, etc. Otherwise, the company shall not be responsible for the consequences.

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