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Fine Stone Concrete Pump Repair and Maintenance Knowledge Tips

Fine Stone Concrete Pump Repair and Maintenance Knowledge Tips

Feb 20,2020
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With the development of the construction industry in northern China in recent years, floor heating has become a necessary facility for building construction. This also greatly promotes the use of fine stone pumps. The fine stone pump can not only improve work efficiency, but also help reduce the labor intensity of workers. People use fine stone concrete pumps at the same time as they start to rely on the fine stone concrete pumps. If the fine stone concrete pumps fail during construction, it will inevitably affect the work efficiency and even delay the construction period, causing considerable economic losses. So how to maintain the fine stone pump during daily use?
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If you want to produce efficiently, preparation is essential, then buy a fine-stone concrete pump with high cost performance. If you want a long service life for your machinery, you need to choose a good foundation. As far as fine stone pumps are concerned, eyeglass plates and cutting rings with high hard wear-resistant alloy materials should be selected, with an automatic centralized lubrication system, hydraulic oil cooling using an air-cooled system, high-wear-resistant concrete cylinders, and anti-pump functions to reduce Fine stone concrete equipment such as blocked pipes. This will prolong the service life of the fine stone concrete pump, which will reduce the time and cost of maintenance and greatly improve the production efficiency.
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Always check the hydraulic components for failure, carefully check the cause, and repair the circuit before operating the fine stone concrete pump. If oil leakage is found and it can be determined that the cause is not a leak, you should check the steel pipes, hoses, cylinders, connectors and safety valves of the hydraulic system to see if there are cracks or wear, and check the connections between the various components Is it normal? If you need to replace new parts, you must ask professional maintenance personnel for repairs. Do not disassemble and repair without authorization to avoid accidents. This also involves the advantages and disadvantages of after-sales service that must be considered when choosing a manufacturer of fine stone concrete pumps. Frequently check the lubrication of the fine stone concrete pump to ensure that the grease in the lubrication pump is sufficient and clean, to ensure the tightness of the joints of the various lubrication pipes, and to prevent leakage. For the fine stone concrete pump lubrication inspection must be rigorous, serious and timely. If there is an oil-depleted part during use, be sure to stop using the fine stone concrete pump immediately, and perform shutdown inspection in time to avoid accidents. The lubrication points that are not covered by the centralized lubrication system cannot be ignored, and a manual grease gun is used for lubrication. The latter point is also easily overlooked. For fine stone pumps that have not been used for a long time, first lubricate the parts that need to be lubricated before placing them.

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