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What are the reasons that the mixing tank of the automatic self loading mixer does not rotate?

What are the reasons that the mixing tank of the automatic self loading mixer does not rotate?

Mar 10,2020
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What should we do when the automatic self-loading mixer encounters the rolling problem of the mixing tank? The power of the automatic self loading mixer truck is output from the second-stage chassis full-power power take-off through the gearbox shaft to transfer the power to the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump generates hydraulic energy and transmits it to the hydraulic motor through the oil pipe. The hydraulic motor converts hydraulic energy into kinetic energy, which decelerates and adds it to the mixing tank.

After a period of use, the automatic self loading mixer will not rotate. Generally, there are three situations:

1. The soil is stuck during transportation;

2. Defective hydraulic system or engine;

3. Motor problems

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1. Mud is blocked during transportation; cleaning is no problem;

2. Handling of hydraulic system or engine problems:

(1) Open the cover of the inspection hole of the mixing box, loosen the pipe joint of the high pressure hose on the motor, rotate the mixing cylinder, tilt the inspection hole of the mixing cylinder downward, and then discharge the inspection of the concrete mixing cylinder hole;

(2) Remove the high-pressure hose of the defective vehicle from the motor, connect the high-pressure hose for rescue, connect the other end to the oil pump of the rescue vehicle, and connect one end of the emergency return hose to the motor of the defective car Drain pipe. The other end of the oil return pipe is connected to the oil pump return port of the rescue vehicle. The rescue vehicle is used to control the rotation of the mixer drum of the faulty vehicle and discharge the puppet.

3. If there is something wrong with the motor, the process is simpler. You can remove the motor of the rescue vehicle and install it on the faulty vehicle, then connect various oil pipes, and then launch the rescue vehicle to control the rotation and release of the agitator of the faulty vehicle.
This is how the automatic self feeding mixer handles the problem that the mixing barrel does not roll, do you understand?
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