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Why the auto self feeding concrete mixer is getting popular day by day ?

Why the auto self feeding concrete mixer is getting popular day by day ?

Mar 10,2020
Many construction machines have played a very important role in the construction of a new countryside. For example, concrete mixing equipment, automatic self loading concrete mixer truck is a device that can automatically load, mix, and unload. It has a broad market in rural construction. As for Why it is sought after by everyone, this is inseparable from its own advantages, let's take a look at the advantages of automatic self loading concrete mixer.
competitive price self loading concrete mixer truck
1. Independence: This automatic self loading and mixing truck can independently operate the functions of loading, mixing, transporting and unloading.

2. Powerful, multi-angle 270-degree rotating unloading, suitable for a variety of different regional environments.

3. Multi-function: automatic loading mixer replaces the functions of loader, mixer, transporter, generator set, etc .; also comes with water tank, external suction pump, automatic loading mixer, continuous mixing to the place where there is water Car water supply.

china high quality self loading concrete mixer
4. Simple operation: only 2 people are needed to work with it. The driver operates the automation program and other people do some auxiliary work. The operation of the automation program is very simple and you can learn to drive in a few hours.

5. High cost performance: automatic self loading mixer truck, eliminating the loader, mixer, transporter, generator set, waterwheel and other equipment costs and labor costs, saving time and labor, reasonable price and high cost performance.
The overall size of the mixer truck is small, which is suitable for the transportation of concrete in a narrow environment. The automatic loading mixer has the above five advantages and is a popular engineering machine.
self loading concrete mixer with electric weight calculator

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