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Analysis of common faults and reasons of auto loading mixer truck

Analysis of common faults and reasons of auto loading mixer truck

Mar 10,2020
The automatic loading mixer is a device that can automatically load, stir and unload. There is a vast market in rural construction. The automatic loading mixer can only be widely used because it can indeed provide various types of engineering construction. Provide a lot of convenience,
If the operator wants to ensure the performance of the automatic loading mixer truck, he must always pay attention to the performance of the automatic loading mixer truck, and perform daily inspection and maintenance. However, if each kind of equipment is used for a long time, there will be some problems. How should we repair after a problem or failure?

automatic loading concrete mixer truck
I. Walking weakness or high oil temperature

When the automatic loading mixer is unable to walk or the oil temperature is too high, it is necessary to determine whether the clutch piston seal is not tight or the oil pressure is insufficient. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine which cause of the failure, especially in the unpowered, by conventional detection methods In case, check the assembly
The seal rings of a good transmission assembly are even more difficult. In this case, a pneumatic valve can be used for testing.

1. Remove the control valve of the automatic loading mixer transmission (the assembled transmission should be installed before the control valve);

2. Give each oil hole of the transmission a gas of 0.6 to 0.8 MPa in sequence. If one of the holes is filled with gas, if you hear a sound of "peng" and there is no air leak or the air leak is very small, then import the metering pump. The corresponding seal between the clutch piston and the cylinder is good;

3. If you cannot hear the sound of the piston pressing the friction plate and the sound of air leakage is large, it means that the seal between the clutch piston and the cylinder is invalid, and the seal should be replaced.
automatic self loading concrete mixer truck
Two. Automatic feeding mixer holding shaft

1. It may be the cause of the inlet pipe and flushing position of the mixer. If the location and direction of the flushing point are incorrect, or the flushing pressure is too low, after the water enters the host, the concrete temporarily adhered to the shaft cannot be washed away, and it will be easy to form a shaft after a long time. .

2. It may be a problem of raw material feeding position. The materials used for mixing concrete are mainly gravel aggregate, cement, fly ash, water and additives. If the raw material cement is covered with sand and stones and agglomerates in water, it is easy to stick to the mixing shaft if the mixing is not sufficient. If the position of the cement feed port is not reasonable and the mixing shaft cannot be quickly and fully stirred, it is easy to form a shaft holding phenomenon.

3. After finishing the work, the inside of the mixer is not cleaned in time, or the cleaning is not clean. As a result, there is still concrete on the surface of the mixing shaft. After drying, it will solidify on the mixing shaft.

III. Analysis of the reason for tripping of the automatic feeding mixer

1. Too much feeding will cause overload of the mixer.

2. The triangular drive belt is too loose, which makes the transmission system inefficient.

3. The safety inspection switch on the top cover of the mixer is loosened, causing shutdown.

4. The gap between the blade of the stirring system and the liner is too large. During the stirring process, the resistance is increased.
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