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Automatic loading agitating drum is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials

Automatic loading agitating drum is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials

Mar 18,2020
china factory price self loading concrete mixer truck
Specific explanation: the tank body and blade are made of low-alloy wear-resistant steel with better wear resistance, the upper beam is made of rectangular tube steel with better tensile strength, and the chassis connection is made of cast alloy steel with higher hardness and strength. The city in which I live has always had two automatic loading mixers, that is, the automatic loading mixer that drags a tank with a tractor. It is very rare to use such a truck for transporting commercial concrete. I happened to meet one recently. See what the driver says!
automatic self loading concrete mixer truck price
Talk to the driver:

Ask the question first

Me: "Master, this car is a low-level road bar. Wouldn't the passability be poor at the construction site? You have to change it if you bump into it."

Driver: "Hahaha, don't worry. This car is comfortable and comfortable. Most of them are in some paved roads. The environment is very good. You don't need to worry about this."

Me: "Then this car is still a single reduction bridge, not a rotation reduction."
rotary mixing tank self loading concrete mixer truck
Feeding: the tank body, accessories and internal materials are cut by large CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC punch and other equipment. It has the advantages of small error and high precision, which not only effectively guarantees the geometric accuracy of the product, but also greatly improves the production efficiency.

Adopting the design concept of heavy truck, equipped with high-strength connecting bolts, the connection is reliable and durable; the mixing drum is made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, and the frame is made of high-strength steel, which has stronger bearing capacity and long service life;
The whole vehicle adopts the structure without auxiliary frame, the center of gravity is more than 100mm lower than ordinary cars, and the driving is more stable and safe. The front suspension is equipped with a lateral stabilizer bar, and the rear suspension adopts a unique main and auxiliary spring structure, which has strong anti-rolling ability;

The front and rear axles adopt widened and widened brakes to shorten the braking distance of the entire vehicle. The synchronous design of the upper body chassis and the simulation of multiple working conditions of the upper body and the chassis are supplemented by the 10,000 km reliability test of the prototype vehicle to ensure safety and reliability.

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