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What are the advantages of an automatic loading mixer better over a fixed station mixing plant?

What are the advantages of an automatic loading mixer better over a fixed station mixing plant?

Mar 18,2020
Why do more and more people like automatic loading mixers? It is because of his cost performance and convenience, so what is the difference between an automatic loading mixer and an ordinary mixer? Let us introduce it in detail below.

Recently, many riders have complained that our mixer truck was bought from 300,000 to 400,000 yuan, and the concrete was transported once and 10-12 square meters. The money made in one year is not much different from the automatic loading mixer truck. From 300,000 to 400,000, they spend more than 100,000, which is too unfair. They might as well earn more than 100,000. I really want to sell the big car and buy a small one. Why is the automatic loading mixer so hot? So let's think about it step by step!
automatic self loading and discharging concrete mixer truck factory
First, the difference between automatic loading mixer and large mixer

It is undeniable that large mixer trucks have always been the main force for the construction and transportation of concrete in urban and rural areas, with a single delivery volume of 10-20 cubic meters. The appearance of the automatic loading mixer truck then ended the history of the past villages relying on manpower to mix concrete. The single delivery volume is about 2-8 square meters, and it has also made very outstanding contributions to the construction of the new countryside.

Where is the shopping mall for automatic loading mixer?

Aiming at the shopping mall value of automatic loading mixer trucks, the most important thing is to rely on its own compact size, convenient and sensitive, and more convenient to enter and exit towns and cities to complete the rapid transition of product concrete in towns.
competitive self loading concrete mixer truck factory
3. What kind of operation mode does the automatic feeding mixer make money?

The roads used by automatic loading mixers and large mixers are completely different from all the corresponding industrial and minng industries. However, the two different product application scenarios cannot be put together to share a common operation and form. Large mixer trucks are large in size and are too heavy to enter the village roads, while automatic loading mixer trucks can make the product concrete better between the transition and the village roads, and because of the manual mixing of concrete, it is time-consuming and labor-intensive2 It is the most important point that the cost of practice is almost the same as that of product concrete. The labeling of concrete after manual mixing cannot be guaranteed, but it is the most critical point in comparison with product concrete. Therefore, most of the country is equipped with automatic loading mixers. The concrete to be transported is 20-50 yuan higher than the price of large-scale mixer trucks, so the operation mode of automatic loading mixer trucks should be the current situation when the competitiveness of urban concrete delivery malls is almost blank. The price between the balance needs to be with the seller. Under normal circumstances, adding 20-50 yuan is very reasonable, this is the automatic feeding. The right form of mixer truck.
self loading concrete mixer truck fitting container
Operation cost and profit margin of automatic loading mixer truck and large mixer truck

The operating cost of a large mixer truck is estimated to be about 400,000 or more from the purchase of the vehicle to the final completion of the operating cost, and the automatic loading mixer is about 60,000 to 200,000 to 200,000 yuan. It is calculated by transporting 12 squares by big cart and 6 squares by small cart. If 1 cubic meter of concrete is not transported, the automatic loading mixer truck earns 20 yuan more than the large mixer truck, and 20 * 6 square meters = 120 yuan. The car will transport 6 more parties per trip, accounting for 30 yuan per party, 30 * 6 = 180 yuan, 180-120 = 60 yuan. This accounting formula and data show that the timing profit point of the automatic loading mixer truck and the large mixer truck is almost the same. The same, there is not much difference, but in terms of the cost of purchasing the car and the cost of operation, the automatic loading mixer has a great advantage.
Fifth, the concept of town construction under practical background.

According to the slogan proposed by the state to build beautiful villages and related environmental protection policies, depending on the situation, in the future, bulk concrete will be launched on the historical stage. In the past, the scene of manually mixing concrete on the roadside will no longer exist, so it will automatically load and stir. Trucks will definitely occupy a very important position in cities and towns. In the future, there will be more and more small concrete mixer trucks on the streets of cities and towns. After the segmentation of the product concrete transportation industry, automatic loading mixer trucks Citron in concrete transport vehicles built in towns.

The above is the difference between automatic loading mixer truck and other mixer trucks. I believe we can learn more about these problems.

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