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The automatic loading mixer prevents clever tanks

The automatic loading mixer prevents clever tanks

Mar 19,2020
1. Carrier water reducer: Water reducer is a concrete admixture that can reduce the amount of water used for mixing under the condition that the slump of the concrete is maintained. It can be carried on the vehicle to adjust the concrete very well. .

2. Return to the factory to check the amount of water in the tank: Every time when the task of returning to the station is completed, return to the station, check the amount of water in the water storage tank, so that the water in the water tank is full at any time for emergency.
automatic self loading concrete mixer truck
3. Check the quality of the concrete before leaving the factory: The quality of each plate of concrete may change due to different raw materials.

4. Reduce vehicle travel time: The transportation distance of concrete is generally within 30 kilometers in diameter. Plan the route and vehicle traffic before leaving the vehicle.

5. Discharge first to reduce the loss: If it encounters human factors or force majeure factors that cause unloading for a long time, once it is found that the concrete has started to condense, immediately discharge it after reporting to the responsible person to prevent the entire tank from being scrapped. .
automatic self feeding and discharging concrete mixer truck

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