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Summer maintenance method of concrete pump and engine

Summer maintenance method of concrete pump and engine

Apr 8,2020
In the hot summer, the outdoor temperature on the construction site often exceeds 40 degrees. The long-term construction will cause the engine of the pump truck to heat up and the temperature of the hydraulic oil will rise, and the hot heat will further exacerbate the temperature of the engine and the hydraulic oil. So, what measures should we take to maintain the pump truck and its engine in the hot summer?
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1. About the temperature control of the pump truck engine

Under normal circumstances, the engine temperature is too high because the engine maintenance is not in place, such as the engine lacks coolant, impurities such as tidbits attached to the radiator, resulting in poor engine heat dissipation. In order to control the temperature of the pump truck engine within the normal range, it is necessary to follow the following regulations: antifreeze produced by regular manufacturers must be used; ensure that the antifreeze is within the valid period and the liquid volume is sufficient.

If liquid deficiency occurs due to a malfunction, make sure that the amount of water added is less than 10% of the total amount of coolant. When the weather is hot, the water evaporates particularly quickly. After the water evaporates, the lack of liquid will reappear, and during the peak construction period in summer, the continuous operation of the pump truck is everywhere, so we do not recommend using water as the coolant for the pump truck engine. When spring comes, you should add a gauze in front of the radiator of the engine to keep the outside of the radiator clean, and pay attention to cleaning this gauze regularly. In summer, the gauze should be removed to facilitate the air flow of the engine radiator. In addition, customers are advised to increase the continuity of concrete supply as much as possible during the construction of the pump truck and reduce the operating time of the pump truck in high-temperature exposure environments.
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2. About the temperature of the hydraulic oil of the pump truck

The high temperature environment in summer has reached the lower limit of the normal working temperature of the hydraulic system of the pump truck, and the pumping work will inevitably cause the temperature of the hydraulic oil to rise rapidly. Increased oil temperature will reduce the viscosity of the hydraulic oil, resulting in poor lubrication.

At the same time, under the effect of thermal expansion and contraction, some parts of the hydraulic system wear more and more. Therefore, the more you work in a high-temperature environment, the more strictly you need to control the temperature of the hydraulic oil. Choose the appropriate type of hydraulic oil and regularly replace the hydraulic oil to ensure that the quality of the hydraulic oil is high and clean.

For the pumping unit of the closed hydraulic system, it is necessary to observe at any time to ensure that the hydraulic oil pays attention to the normal operation of the radiator. When necessary, the main oil cylinder can be slowly sprayed with clean water to assist heat dissipation; and for the pumping unit of the open hydraulic system, If necessary, you can slowly spray clean water on the main return pipe or radiator to help lower the temperature.
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