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Which wear parts of concrete pump need to be checked for wearing?

Which wear parts of concrete pump need to be checked for wearing?

Apr 16,2020
There are some wearing parts of the concrete delivery pump that need to be regularly inspected for wear to ensure that the equipment can be used and operated better. This article will introduce to you which wear parts of the concrete pump need to be checked for wear:

1. Wear and replacement of S-tube valve:

When the concrete pump has been working for a period of time, the gap between the S-tube valve, cutting ring, and glasses plate will produce gaps that affect the normal pumping, and should be adjusted or replaced in time. The wear gap can be measured from the cleaned hopper.
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2. Wear and replacement of the concrete piston of the concrete delivery pump:

When the coating of the conveying cylinder has not been worn away and concrete slurry or sand particles appear on the back of the concrete piston, that is, the water tank, it indicates that the piston has worn out and needs to be replaced, so that the piston retreats to the end. Remove the connecting rod and take out the piston, replace the concrete sealing body and guide ring.
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3. Wear and replacement of conveyor cylinder:

When it is found that the basic material appears after the chrome layer of the conveying cylinder wears out, the conveying cylinder needs to be replaced. To replace the conveying cylinder, the connecting bolts of the hopper and the bottom frame and all hydraulic oil pipes, lubricating oil pipes, auxiliary positioning devices, and cold water connected to the pumping system must be removed. But the system. In the maintenance workshop, use a crane to hoist the pumping system and then remove the delivery cylinder and replace it with a new delivery cylinder. When removing, the concrete delivery pump delivery cylinder and the main oil cylinder should be cushioned to prevent tipping.
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