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These parts of the concrete pump truck are easily damaged (2)

These parts of the concrete pump truck are easily damaged (2)

Apr 13,2020
When the inner wall of the pump cylinder of the concrete pump truck is damaged, it should be taken out for repair immediately, or it should be turned around. In order to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of the concrete cylinder, we can set a movable door cover at the bottom of the concrete hopper. The opening and closing of this movable door cover can be completed by the movement of the oil cylinder. At the same time, the concrete cylinder body can also be pulled out from this opening. After adopting this new type of structural method, when changing the concrete cylinder in the past, it needs to be lifted out with a lifting device for maintenance, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.
concrete placing boom pump truck
As we all know, there are not many components of the pump truck distribution valve, only a few main components. If the distribution valve components of the concrete pump truck are damaged, in order to effectively improve the performance of the pump truck, the reasonable and simple way is to directly replace the distribution valve.
At present, there are three major types of distribution valves, namely, tubular swing valve, rotary valve and gate valve. The application of rotary valve and gate valve is less, and the swing valve is widely used and is the current mainstream. The swing valve is mainly composed of three major parts: S swing tube, cutting ring and glasses plate.
In order to greatly simplify the maintenance operation, we generally adopt the structural type of installing a cutting ring and eyeglass plate on the end of the swinging tube of the concrete pump truck S. Once it is worn, it will be replaced immediately. At the same time, special metals such as super-hard metal materials can also be used to repair and repair the worn areas, reducing the number of wear parts replacement and wear.
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