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Relying on the "four forces" in the concrete industry to promote the resumption of production

Relying on the "four forces" in the concrete industry to promote the resumption of production

May 15,2020
From the long winter twelfth lunar month to decisively press the "pause button" for the prevention and control of the spread of the new crown epidemic, to the early spring of February to grasp the epidemic prevention and control and the economic development and start the "fast forward button" to resume production in time, concrete and cement All enterprises and employees in the product industry have experienced this difficult and unforgettable process.

As the domestic epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, and the order of production and living is accelerating, the resumption of production and production of enterprises is also further accelerated. Judging from the information feedback from multiple companies, the end of March, the company resumed production and production has entered the "second half." Although many common difficulties have been alleviated in the early stage, some new problems have begun to highlight: market demand has yet to be quickly awakened and the spread of foreign epidemics has increased, etc., which are still affecting the environment for enterprises to resume production. However, everyone believes that as long as the government and enterprises work together to focus on highlighting difficulties and implement accurate policies, as long as we have the confidence to do our own thing well, the concrete and cement products industry can achieve real recovery, and the previous losses will be recovered in the market.

Firmly promoting the resumption of production in the concrete and cement products industry is the "four forces" that the entire industry relies on, namely the force of policies, the help of the market, the thrust of high-tech and the power of the majority of enterprises.

Policy force

Since late February, the resumption of production and production in the concrete and cement products industry has shown a positive trend from south to north and from east to west. With the resumption of work after the Lantern Festival, the government has intensively introduced supporting policies to help companies resume work and achieve production in many aspects, such as helping return to work, reducing burdens, and smoothing logistics. In particular, the implementation of the “three deliveries and one strong” (delivery policy, delivery service, delivery factors, and strong confidence) measures of governments at all levels has provided incentives for concrete and cement products enterprises to resume production.

The epidemic has had a huge impact on the economy and society. Many concrete and cement products companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have been devastated. Whether these companies can survive this catastrophe is related to the recovery and development of the economy in various regions. The Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the problems faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, and has launched a set of policy combos, issued a series of measures to support, and adjusted and perfected in time with the development of the epidemic situation, incentivizing small and medium-sized enterprises to overcome difficulties and forge ahead together. There are mainly the following aspects.

The first is to increase the speed and expand the area, so that small and medium-sized enterprises "motivate". As of March 29, more than 400,000 small and medium-sized enterprises nationwide have resumed production, with a resumption rate of 76.8%.

The second is to reduce taxes and fees, so that SMEs "stand up." SMEs are already faced with problems such as high operating costs, short capital chains, and unstable orders. The heavy burden of taxes and fees is one of the main reasons for the difficulty of survival of SMEs in China. The key to the survival of the enterprise.

The third is to invigorate finance and let SMEs “run up”. At present, more than 60 countries have declared a state of emergency. In Asia, Europe, and America, they have been shut down, closed, and suspended classes. The world economy is facing unprecedented challenges. At this stage, government policies are urgently needed to lower the barriers to entry in the financial market, encourage the attraction of foreign capital and private capital into the financial services field, increase financial supply at multiple levels and channels, thoroughly solve the problem of financing difficulties for SMEs, and energize microeconomic bodies Effectively hedge the impact of the epidemic.

The fourth is the interconnection of intelligent connections, allowing small and medium-sized enterprises to "chain up". On March 23, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice on promoting the implementation of the "Special Action Plan for Digital Empowerment of SMEs" to empower the development of digital and intelligent related industries for SMEs. Encourage all industries to build an industrial exchange and interactive platform and data center, and make good use of blockchain technology to realize the sharing of production capacity information across the entire industrial chain.

Fifth, strengthen services to make SMEs “stable”.

Many policies issued by the central government to governments at all levels are the driving force for enterprises to speed up the resumption of production and production. Putian, Fujian is a microcosm. According to the report of the Meizhou Daily on March 28, from the eighth press conference of Putian City Resumption and Production held by the Putian City Government Information Office, the Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued a series of support policies during the epidemic to support the epidemic. Prevention and control will help the recovery of the real estate market and the resumption of production of construction enterprises. Through policy support and service supervision, the city's 185 real estate development enterprises under construction and 373 real estate intermediary agencies achieved a 100% resumption rate at the end of February. The city's 366 construction sites and 22 ready-mixed concrete companies also achieved full resumption of production in early March.

Putian City's "Implementation Opinions on Effectively Responding to the Epidemic Situation and Guaranteeing the Stable Development of the Real Estate Market" has a total of ten parts and eighteen articles, supporting the resumption of production and production of real estate enterprises in terms of land supply, administrative approval, financial support, and extension of deadlines. . During the epidemic situation, the government delayed the payment of housing provident funds, the employees' overdue loans for provident fund withdrawals, and the enterprises affected by the epidemic affected production and operation difficulties. In order to promote the orderly resumption of production and production in the construction industry, the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau issued the "Implementation Opinions on Effectively Responding to the Epidemic Situation and Orderly Promoting the Resumption of Construction and Resumption of Construction", which strengthens capital guarantee, reduces operating costs and simplifies bidding Support the promotion of scientific and orderly resumption of the construction industry in terms of methods and employee protection. The subsidy for construction site personnel is calculated at 60 yuan per person per day during the first-level response to the epidemic. Encourage subsidies to the top five concrete companies with an average daily production of 500 cubic meters or more. Prior to the end of February, the key projects that have been resumed and can continue to be promoted, the city will give the construction unit a subsidy in accordance with the provincial key projects of 200,000 yuan and the city's key projects of 100,000 yuan.

Market power

On April 5, CCB reported that the data showed that as of April 1, there were a total of 186,600 projects under construction in the country's housing construction and municipal infrastructure projects, and 158,700 have been restarted, with a restart rate of 85.06%, of which In 16 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the restart rate has reached more than 90% (inclusive). In addition, the resumption rate of sales offices across the country reached 92.73%.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development stated that it would actively expand effective investment and consumption in housing and urban-rural construction. Grasp the transformation of shanty towns, the construction of policy rental housing and the transformation of old urban communities, further improve the support policies, and accelerate the start of the renovation projects. Actively coordinate and solve the practical difficulties of enterprises in terms of workers, raw materials and epidemic prevention materials, unblock the upstream and downstream industrial chains, and promote accurate and orderly grading and division to promote the resumption of production. At the same time, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development requires all regions to work hard to overcome the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and go all out to promote the transformation of dilapidated houses in rural areas to ensure the completion of the housing safety sweeping project in the first half of the year.

From the perspective of Guangzhou, 100% of the key construction projects in Guangzhou are resumed, and all concrete and prefabricated component enterprises are resumed production. On the morning of March 24, the 52nd Epidemic Prevention and Control News Ventilation Conference held by the Information Office of the Guangzhou Municipal Government introduced that there are currently 3,445 construction sites in the city, 3,420 have been resumed, and the resumption rate has reached 99.3%, of which the resumption rate of key construction projects in the city has reached 100%.
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