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Relying on the "four forces" in the concrete industry to promote the resumption of production and production (2)

Relying on the "four forces" in the concrete industry to promote the resumption of production and production (2)

May 15,2020
High-tech projects are the focus of local governments to support resumption of work. Since February, more than 50 production bases of Jianhua Building Materials Group have resumed production and resumed production. On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, each subsidiary accelerated production and guaranteed transportation, helped the major projects in various regions to resume work smoothly, and recaptured the delay of the epidemic. .

In the vast hinterland of Kubuqi Desert, rows of huge matrices formed by photovoltaic pillars are erected, without a glance ... This is the site of the 500MWp project of the second phase of the photovoltaic power generation application base in Dalat, Inner Mongolia, as a major energy source in Inner Mongolia The project and the resumption of work were concerned by CCTV's "Newscast". Prefabricated piles used as photovoltaic pillars were provided by Jianhua Building Materials.

The Dalat photovoltaic power generation application leading base project is the only demonstration base in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, with a scale of 2 million kilowatts and an area of ​​100,000 mu. After completion, the annual power generation will reach 4 billion kWh, which can effectively prevent 200,000 mu of sand. The 500MWp project of the second phase of the Dalat photovoltaic power generation application leader base reported by CCTV News has been fully resumed. The construction is intensified. After completion and commissioning, it will be integrated with the first phase project and become a large desert centralized photovoltaic power generation base in the country.

Tesla's Shanghai plant is China's first wholly foreign-owned vehicle manufacturing project and a large-scale foreign-invested manufacturing project in Shanghai, with a total investment of 50 billion yuan. At present, the second phase of Tesla's construction has already started, and it is under full construction. It is expected to be completed within this year. In late February, in the production workshop of Jianhua Building Materials (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., workers are accelerating the production of pipe piles. This is an emergency addition to the production team of the Shanghai Jianhua Tesla 1.5 project. After receiving the notification from the design unit, Shanghai Jianhua quickly established a special team to overcome the unfavorable factors of logistics and personnel during the epidemic. The business personnel, technical personnel and the customer conducted unseen technical communication, and quickly organized the workshop workers to start production on the same day. Ten drivers were arranged to provide special services for the construction site, and the products were delivered to the project site on time and with good quality, which was fully affirmed by the owner and the design unit.

Lunan High Speed ​​Rail is an important connecting channel of the national "eight vertical and eight horizontal" fast railway network. In the history of Shandong high-speed railway construction, it is a railway project with long mileage, large investment scale, complicated construction conditions and a large population along the line. In order to ensure that the whole line will be put into operation by the end of 2021, the Qufu-Heze-Lancao section of the high-speed railway in Lunan has been resumed in an orderly manner and the construction has been stepped up recently. For the foundation treatment of the Lunan high-speed rail project, the PHC prefabricated pipe piles provided by Jianhua Building Materials (Heze) Co., Ltd. were selected, which had stable quality and a certain level of resistance, saving the overall pile foundation engineering cost. A few years ago, Heze Jianhua had provided tens of thousands of meters for the project, and continued to provide product protection after resuming work. Since the project resumed construction in early February, the prefabricated PHC pipe pile products of one vehicle were quickly transported from the production base of Heze Jianhua to the project site. Mechanical lifting and rapid pile sinking combined with cost-effective construction methods greatly saved construction Duration.

After the epidemic, it was a "big test" for manufacturing companies' innovation, production and service capabilities. Jianhua Building Materials had already prepared for the "test". In the future, Jianhua Building Materials will further enhance its new technology research and development and application capabilities, comprehensive service capabilities and resource integration capabilities, and help more high-quality construction of key engineering projects.

The power of the enterprise

Enterprises everywhere, especially large enterprises and leading enterprises, are the mainstay of resumption of production and production.

Construction in the west of China Construction is in an orderly manner to resume work and resume production. Since the outbreak of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, the construction of the western region of China Construction Engineering has taken multiple measures, coordinated advancement of the plan for the deployment of reinstatement, and the thematic meeting has unified thinking. In order to steadily promote the work of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production, recently, the company's party committee organized a work conference on resumption and resumption of production, and listened to the work of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production and recent work arrangements of various units. Special arrangements have been made for the work related to resumption of production and epidemic prevention and control, and we must adhere to the two-handed grasp and hard work of epidemic prevention and resumption and resumption of production, and steadily advance all key tasks throughout the year. In the near future, it is more important to seize the opportunity for the successive resumption of work of various projects, increase the task to undertake tasks, and lay a good foundation for the successful completion of the task throughout the year. All departments and units are implementing preparations for raw material bidding, entry, and in-plant infrastructure as soon as possible to promote production operations to get on track as soon as possible.

Do not neglect positive actions, take multiple measures to implement the preparation for resumption of work. Institutional learning continues, and resumption training is in full swing. The company adopts an online model and comprehensively resumes training activities at three levels: the company, various business systems, and factories. Up to now, 81 trainings have been conducted. Full preparation makes a solid preparation for winning the market. On March 19, with the completion of the concrete pouring of the latter truck, the urban plant of China Construction West Construction North Co., Ltd. successfully completed the first composite slab casting task after the resumption of the construction of the high-rise Chinese structure—Tianjin 117 Building. The placement is in the winter-spring alternate stage, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and the quality control of low-grade concrete with composite slabs is more difficult. In response to this, the technical director of the northern company's urban plant led the technical department and the admixture plant together. After dozens of trials and 2 days of trial testing, the qualified concrete was successfully debugged and the smooth pouring of the concrete was ensured.

On the morning of March 28, the groundbreaking ceremony of the Subbot West High-Performance Civil Engineering Materials Industrial Base Project was held in the Sichuan British Economic Development Zone. The western high-performance civil engineering materials industrial base covers a total area of ​​about 80 acres, with a total investment of 150 million yuan. After completion, it will provide a solid guarantee for the supply of high-performance polycarboxylic acid series additives and functional materials in the central and western markets. The grand and successful holding of the groundbreaking ceremony marked another key step taken by the company in optimizing the layout of its industrial base and expanding its production scale.

Since February 14, the five major production bases of Zhongchun Hi-tech in Shanghai, Yuyao, Ningbo, Taizhou and Wenzhou have resumed production and resumed production within the industry time, and have fully assisted a large number of provincial and municipal key engineering projects to press the construction "fast forward button". The enterprise currently has 25 municipalities under construction, 10 house constructions, and 9 landscaping projects. The resumption rate has reached 100%, and the resumption rate is about 80%. The current employment rate of the company is over 95%, and it is the first in the industry to resume work, and the production capacity has been restored to more than 80%.

Qingdao Global meets 100% of customers' needs for resumption of work, and starts a new product development battle. Facing the sudden epidemic situation, Qingdao Global Company adhered to the anti-epidemic policy of “no slack and no panic” and made careful deployment. As of February 25, more than 50 after-sales service engineers have arrived at the customer's site one after another to escort the customer's smooth return to work. The company also made full use of this super long vacation to fully train the marketing and service team, make up for the shortcomings, strengthen the foundation, and push the company's intelligent management level to a new height.

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Redwall has vigorously contacted all channels to prepare for the purchase of masks, disinfectant hand sanitizers, disinfectant alcohol and other epidemic prevention materials, and actively donated more than 1 million yuan to support the government's joint epidemic prevention and help prevent epidemic prevention materials In addition to the epidemic prevention and resumption of production in concrete industry enterprises such as concrete mixing plants, cement products factories, and remote regional engineering units, they are also strictly following the government guidelines and actively organizing headquarters units and their national bases to resume production in succession to ensure supply , Provide technical service support to fully meet customer and market needs. Through many of the above work, Redwall has actively implemented the support work for the government, industry, customers and employees, and Redwall has thus become one of the demonstration enterprises in Guangdong province for the implementation of epidemic prevention work and one of the strict anti-epidemic work units in the industry .

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Quangong, as the first batch of manufacturing individual champion enterprises of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, actively responded to the national policy and took the responsibility of anti-epidemic. , The global procurement of loving goods, and actively serve as the front line for the battle. Quangong is a leading enterprise in the global brick machine industry, and its industrial layout involves China, Germany, India and other countries. The sudden outbreak of major public health and safety incidents has posed a major challenge to medical institutions, prevention and control departments, and public security organs everywhere. In the case of urgent shortage of anti-epidemic materials on the front line of anti-epidemic, Quangong started global procurement, mobilized resources of more than 10,000 global companies in Germany, Austria, India and other overseas branches and services, and actively participated in the financing of epidemic prevention and control materials , Timely deliver all kinds of anti-epidemic materials to the front line of anti-epidemic. 200,000 masks, 60,000 pairs of gloves and 70,000 N95 masks were purchased from overseas to support the epidemic prevention work of the local government. Currently, anti-epidemic and orderly resumption of work have become the two major focuses of many domestic and foreign enterprises. The shortage of enterprise labor, especially the shortage of technical personnel, has become a major difficulty restricting the resumption of enterprises. As a software and information technology service provider in the brick machine industry, Quangong intelligent equipment cloud service platform empowers enterprises to resume production and resume work through scientific and technological strength. Take a customer of Quangong in Guangdong as an example. The customer customized the machine a few years ago, and hopes to launch new customized functions in the future. Relying on the powerful data collection capabilities, remote monitoring and debugging modules of Quangong's cloud service platform, they helped customers complete the customized customization in the office, and successfully completed debugging and functional testing to minimize the epidemic situation. The losses caused to customers have been affirmed and trusted by customers.

According to the Yunnan Daily News, as of now, Yunnan Construction Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than 550 resumption projects, all the project management personnel under construction have returned to their posts, and the labor service personnel have gradually returned to their posts. The 15 highway projects, 8 ecological and environmental protection projects invested and constructed by the Group and the 8 resettlement sites of the Qiaojia County Resettlement Project for the Baihetan Hydropower Station under construction were all resumed. Yunnan Construction Investment Concrete Company started the concrete supply war and carried out the supply of concrete in key areas and major projects in an orderly manner. From the resumption of production to March 24, 11 companies have resumed the production and supply of concrete, supplying more than 14700 cubic meters of concrete for major livelihood projects such as Baihetan Immigration Project, Yuanman Expressway, Mengping Expressway, etc. Solid guarantee.

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