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How to extend the service life of automatic self loading concrete mixer truck?

How to extend the service life of automatic self loading concrete mixer truck?

Aug 7,2020
I believe that when you buy a car, you are most concerned about the service life of the car. For heavy vehicles such as self loading concrete mixers, because they are expensive, they deserve special attention. However, the automatic self loading concrete mixers are made of steel. Yes, but it also has a life cycle like a person. The physical condition of the self loading mixer truck during the divergence period is very different. Here I divide the life cycle of the concrete mixer truck into five stages: peak period, Microsoft period, menopause, late life and risk period. In these five stages, the maintenance and repair of concrete mixer trucks are also different in focus.
   The peak period of 1 to 2 years, the first two years of the concrete mixer truck use, is the peak period of life. It can be said that the concrete mixer truck is in the best condition, which is equivalent to the youth. During this period, people are full of enthusiasm, dare to dare to do it, and seem not to get tired. The same is true for the concrete mixer trucks during this period. The trucks are in excellent condition. They only need to maintain routine maintenance. There will be no problems at all. However, some of the cement mixers are of low quality and can only stand for about a year at the peak. Therefore, there will not be any major quality problems during the first year of use of the new vehicle, but the use of the concrete mixer for more than two years will gradually change some of the most wearable parts.

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  Two to four-year Microsoft period. At this stage, the automatic self loading concrete mixer has initially entered the Microsoft period. No longer as fierce as the previous period. During this period, the concrete mixer truck often needs to change some parts to add energy to it. At first, it was necessary to replace with new brake pads. The brake pads are the first defense for driving safely. According to experience, the brake pads will wear out in about two years. At this time, the fuel pump should be cleaned or replaced. Assuming that the concrete mixer truck runs unsteadily, the shock absorber of the truck should be examined. Assuming that the spring of the shock absorber falls out of elasticity, driving on rainy days is very risky. Sand and gravel are the main components of concrete. They cause serious abrasion of concrete storage tanks and inlet and outlet ports during work. Because each manufacturer's tank body is made of different materials, its working life is quite different.
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Extend the service life of concrete mixer truck? Where do you start?
1. New car maintenance, also known as trial operation maintenance. A new car or a vehicle after a major repair needs to be tested. After the test run is completed, it is necessary to protect the vehicle. The main contents are: cleaning the smooth system; replacing the smooth oil; tightening the cylinder head nut from the beginning according to the regular torque; checking and adjusting the transmission belt, operating organization, valve clearance and fastening status of the connecting parts.
2. Shift maintenance, also known as daily maintenance. Vehicles should be cleaned and inspected after each shift (day) operation. When the lack of lubricating oil and cooling water is found, it should be increased from the beginning.
3. Regular maintenance, also called maintenance in accordance with the rules. That is commonly referred to as skill maintenance. Small tractors have two levels, cars have three levels, and large and medium-sized tractors have four levels. Each level of maintenance has a maintenance content and a determined maintenance cycle, and the operator should complete it on time and carefully.
4. Seasonal maintenance, which is a kind of seasonal maintenance that will be temporarily carried out before winter comes or summer. The intention is to make the vehicle’s working habits deal with the need for change
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