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What should be paid attention to when cleaning the mixing tank of self-loading mixer truck?

What should be paid attention to when cleaning the mixing tank of self-loading mixer truck?

Aug 7,2020
1. After the self-loading mixer truck has finished unloading at the construction site, the hose provided with the self-feeding mixer truck should be used to flush the hopper, discharge hopper, discharge chute, etc., to remove the dirt that adheres to the body. Mud and concrete. On the way back to the mixing station, 150---200L of water should be poured into the mixing drum to clean the concrete residues on the wall and blades.
2. After the working day of the feeding mixer truck is over, the driver should be responsible for injecting clean water into the mixing drum and rotating it at high speed (14-18 rpm) for 5-10 minutes, and then drain the water to ensure that the drum is clean. When cleaning each part of the mixing drum with high-pressure water, pay attention to avoiding parts such as meters and joysticks. The distance between the pressure water nozzle and the paint surface of the body shall not be less than 40 cm.
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3. When cleaning the dirt and residual concrete slag inside and outside the mixing drum of the self-loading mixer truck, and when the mechanic enters the drum for maintenance and welding repair operations, the automobile engine must be turned off first to stop the rotation of the mixing drum completely. When the mechanics enter the barrel to work, they must ensure that the mixing barrel is well ventilated, the air is fresh, no gas and harmful dust, and sufficient oxygen supply. When using electric tools in the barrel, the operator must have good insulation protection.
4. When the self-loading mixer is working, it is not allowed to reach into the rotating mixing drum, and it is strictly forbidden to reach into the connecting part of the main discharge chute and the extended discharge chute. Automatically, the self-loading mixer should pay attention when working What to avoid accidents.
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